Bachelor of Arts

You can now address me as Natasha Nuttall BA Hons – I am officially a graduate!

Thursday was a beautiful, magical, busy and emotional day. It was a bit of a blur, so at least there’s about 5 million photos to help me remember what happened!

We were the first ceremony of the day at 10.30am:

We started in the Castle grounds before heading to the Cathedral…

My sister and I with the Graduation teddy that my Granddad bought for me – aww!

Getting to graduate in Lincoln’s Cathedral is amazing – the atmosphere is so grand and special! It’s a bit like graduating from Hogwarts 😉

There’s me looking a bit nervous before the big moment and with good reason! So you know how everyone jokes about saying ‘don’t trip’ etc well, guess what? I tripped! It was only a small one and I think I recovered well but the relief that I didn’t fall on my face kinda brought more attention to the stumble. I don’t mind sharing it with you guys because you have to laugh about these things ha

So where did it all go wrong? Here:

It was when I had to doth – it threw my concentration and I stumbled! Now, you might say that it’s not a complicated thing – they call your name, you walk on stage, doth to the important people and then walk across the stage to shake the hand of the guy standing in front of you. BUT actually there’s a lot to think about! There’s a lot of pressure because there’s about 1000 people watching you and they’re filming the whole thing for a DVD. So for £25 you can buy a blue ray of me stumbling – great!

That is a face of pure relief right there – THANK GOD! I think everyone on stage held their breath! haha But at least I look happy in my hand shake photo:

I was SO happy to have made it across the stage on my feet! There had to be one stumble to make the DVD interesting, so of course it was going to be me. I think I was jinxed from the start as the gown hire company gave me a different gown to everyone else so I was wearing a Masters gown (sadly I don’t have the degree to go along with it!). So thanks for that! But thankfully, I can laugh about it…

So after the ceremony we paraded out of the Cathedral and back into the Castle grounds for plenty of cheesy posing:

2013 or 2031? I wonder where we’ll be in 2031…

It’s quite hard to organise 70 odd people and all of their guests but we did manage to round a few people up and get some group shots:

The classic hat throw!

Emma, Lucy and I with some of our tutors – Glen, Barrie, Philippa, Isil, Chris and Ian.

The 34RR housemates! Danielle, Helen, James, me and Amy!

After all that posing I went for a meal with my family and my mum got creative with her pizza crust:

I think it sums up the day perfectly – all smiles!

It was a lovely day and even though I didn’t really know what to expect, I think it was pretty perfect (even with the stumble! ha) and it’s a day that I’ll never forget! It does make me sad to think that I’m officially not a student anymore but I’m really happy and loving life at the moment, trying to embrace the challenges life throws at me!

Congratulations to everyone on my course – I hope everyone had a lovely day and good luck for the future! To any 2nd year students now entering 3rd year… WEAR FLATS TO GRADUATION! Trust me 🙂


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