All good things…

… must come to an end – my Frequency internship is now complete!

Oooh a panorama shot – get me! It was a busy last day and quite sad too as I was just starting to feel ‘accepted’ into the studio. Lisa & I bought the Blueprint guys a lovely big glittery thank you card…

… and they bought us some crazy cards and cake – awww I knew they liked us really 🙂

No, your eyes do not deceive you – that is a cow on a pogo stick! Oh, some bad news though…

After 2 months at Blueprint, Lisa has turned into an orange!

I’ve had a great time in the Blueprint office – the guys are a right laugh and I can sincerely say it’s been the best internship I’ve done so far! 😉 I’ve learnt some invaluable lessons about Indesign, dealing with clients, google documents, film editing lingo, tea politics and not to drink coffee and laugh at the same time. I can also balance a tray of 5 mugs on one hand whilst opening a door and recite the CMYK percentage break downs of the Frequency colours in my sleep – I’m hoping that will come in handy later in life? (So if you know anyone looking for a young creative with those skills, point them in my direction thank you)

To conclude, THANKS A BUNCH to Chris, Darren, Dave, Allan and Lisa for putting up with me and making it a fun experience.

CHEERS!  And thanks to the Frequency team (Sam, Kristy & Uzma) for giving me the opportunity too.

Luckily (THANKS GLEN AND SARA) I’m able to stick around Lincoln for a bit longer to see and experience Frequency in full swing. It’s all happening from the 18th to 26th October so get yourself to Lincoln and get involved in some of the brilliant exhibitions, installations and experiences!

Other than that, I’m back in a ‘transitional period’ and could go anywhere in the world, which is both exciting and so scary! I saw an advert for my ‘dream job’ the other day… based in L.A. of course. All of my friends are telling me to go for it but I can’t even afford the flight there – I think they just want somewhere to stay for free in sunny LA, right? HA In the meantime, I have a few personal projects and some interesting meetings planned. Life is still an emotional roller coaster but somehow I seem to be riding the adrenaline.


  • lestaret

    04/10/2013 at 11:16 pm

    Keep up the good work Nutty; it’ll pay off eventually…

    Keep in touch.

  • dominikawiecha

    08/10/2013 at 11:43 am

    I think you should go for it. More and more companies offer to assist with relocation of their new employees so you never know what could come out of this.
    Don’t let a plane ticket stop you from following your dream 🙂

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