The Revolution will be…

As part of Frequency Festival’s artist market, yesterday I helped Barrie and his wife Jantze on their revolutionary stall. In conjunction with the festival’s revolution theme and the Manifesto brief that that 1st years have been working on in class, the stall offered the opportunity to order one of the finished manifestos and to get creative and make a badge expressing what their revolution would be.

Barrie and Jantze kindly supplied a variety of rubber stamps, inks and typewriters – the perfect tools to produce some brilliant badges! And the people were keen to get messy, including a few familiar faces:

MA Design student Tom decided The revolution will be… Tom.

2nd year student Connor decided The revolution will be… cats

Whilst the public got creative, Barrie worked on typing manifestos on his typewriter loaded with a Möbius strip – a piece of paper which can be typed on both sides without changing the paper. He didn’t quite make it to that stage because it takes a long time to type on a typewriter – he set himself a hard challenge!

3rd year students Glen and Sara get creative overlaying type on top of stamps.

And what would my revolution be?

Triangular of course!

Everyone love badges! I had lots of fun and a great day. Some people didn’t quite get that we were just trying to make people think about changing the world and being creative. Some people didn’t understand that we weren’t trying to sell them anything – the badges and manifestos were free! But I got to speak to lots of people so I loved it – you all know how I like talking to people.

Also, I now have a ‘degree’ in badge making after becoming a pro with the badge making machine.

Thanks to Barrie and Jantze for letting me come and help and to everyone that popped along to the stall to say hi (Liam and Rebecca too – even though I didn’t get a photo of you guys) and make a badge! The artist’s market was a 1 day event but the rest of Frequency Festival is on all week so go and check out the other events on offer.

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