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After realising that Lady P: Film #1 revealed was my 500th post in almost 5 years, I’ve been making a few plans for the blog – things to feature, topics I want to cover, interacting with the community more etc. Whilst browsing twitter I noticed fellow blogger Nikki of Style & Influence joining in with a blogger chat. There are several blogger chats that run for different types of bloggers (#bblogger = beauty bloggers, #fblogger = fashion bloggers, #lblogger = lifestyle bloggers #ablogger = art bloggers etc) but I’ve never really joined in with one before. Nikki was joining in with the UK Blog Awards blog hour (which takes place Tuesdays 9-10pm #BlogHour) and I decided to investigate what the awards was all about. I’ve never entered my blog for an award before but there’s a first for everything, right?

I wasn’t really sure which category my blog fits into as it’s about Design really but that wasn’t an option, so I entered it into a couple: Young Persons Blog Award, Most Innovative and Lifestyle.

Why most innovative blog? Well, because of this category definition:

‘Most Innovative Blog Award
• Photography
• Video (vlogs)
• Design
• Infographics
• Typology
• Unique & Unusual’

It includes DESIGN! And ‘photography’ and ‘video (vlogs)’ and ‘infographics’ and ‘typology’ (Tri Fri) and ‘unique and unusual’ – all of which you can find on my blog 🙂

The first round of voting is a public vote (which is where you guys come in) and then a shortlist of blogs will be judged by a panel. The public vote closes 26th January 2014 so I apologise now, I will be pestering you to vote until then!

I would be super grateful if you could vote for my blog in one (or all 3) of the categories. It would make me happy and as a thanks for voting you get ‘The Little Book of Blogging Inspiration’ from the UK Blog Awards – perfect if you’re thinking about starting a blog as a resolution in the New Year! BTW If you are going to start a blog let me know – I’d love to hear about it 🙂

P.s. if you do vote for Graphique Fantastique drop me a comment below to let me know so I can say thank you and also a link to your blog if you have one!


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