Christmas 2013 – A creative’s wish list

I realise that it’s like 3 days to Christmas now so this is a bit of a rubbish/short notice wish list but I’m only just getting into the Christmas spirit really. In my family, we don’t put our Christmas decorations up until after my sister’s Birthday on the 15th so quite late (unfortunately with my Birthday being Boxing Day, I don’t get a choice on the decor)! But our tree is now up, my Christmas shopping and wrapping is finished and there’s no harm in looking at some lovely things and wishing/ purchasing them in the January sales 😉

Where to begin? Well, this is a wish list so with something totally ridiculous:

What is that? Well, it’s a 3D printer which I was reading about on Creative Bloq the other day. I saw some products made by a 3D printer at the Design Museum last month and was totally fascinated.

I’m just amazed by a printer that can turn typography by Ben Johnston…


… into a 3D sculpture by Mark Simmons. I wish I could make 3D typographical sculptures with the click of a button! Technology these days, hey? 🙂

More realistically, a different printer of sorts – I’d love a Typewriter:

I blame this fascination on my Uni tutor, Barrie the typewriter hoarder. I love typewriter art and the sound that typing on a typewriter keyboard makes – very different to a computer keyboard! (image via Pinterest)

Even if you don’t ‘get’ the appeal of analogue letter writing, you can’t deny typewriters are pretty…

… they come in all sorts of shapes and colours and look brilliant illustrated too – I love this pattern. (image via Pinterest)

But if that’s not you’re cup of tea, maybe this is:

(See what I did there?) Every designer needs a cool mug and I love this – you can write different messages using letter magnets. I can imagine it would be a laugh for in a studio – a cheeky message and a hot drink would put a smile on any frustrated creative directors face? I found this mug in Paperchase but couldn’t find it on their website so here’s a link to it on Amazon.

Want something a little more flashy for your desk? Always wanted to see your name in lights? How about a light up letter:

I saw this in the Gods Own Junk Yard pop up shop in Selfridges the other week and instantly loved it. So many quirky, retro neon signs – if I had a house I would just buy all of them and put them in one room.

And whilst we’re on the theme of letters…

I have drooled over the Alphabet bags goodies for too long! Purses, tote bags, make up bags and phone cases – all with letters on 🙂 Ace or what?

And it wouldn’t be Christmas without chocolate so take a moment to admire the tri-tastic packaging from the Hotel Chocolat Christmas range:

Easy on the eyes and yummy for the tummy, but not so good for the bank balance!

And now that you’ve purchased all of those lovely presents for me you need something to wrap them up in. How about this Typographic wrapping paper by Angelo Stitz:

Using just numbers to create patterns, there are 24 sheets in a pack so perfect for an advent calendar of presents. The only problem is that I wouldn’t want to rip the paper! ha

But all of that is so superficial and remember guys, stuff won’t make you happy! What I’d really like for Christmas, money can’t buy – a job in Graphic Design! It’s a tough world out there, but fingers crossed 2014 will be the year that everything falls into place 🙂

So there’s a few things I’d love to unwrap on Christmas Day, but what does your wish list look like? Any similar items to mine? Let me know and if Santa brings you any of them 🙂 If I don’t see you before the big day, Merry Christmas everyone!


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