Happy 5th Birthday, Graphique Fantastique!


Five years ago today, I posted my first (very cringey) blog post… and 4 others! Yes, with all the excitement of a new ‘challenge’, I published 5 posts on the first day. But who’d have thought I’d still be blogging strong 5 years on? A lot of people start blogs but find it hard to keep them up – it takes a lot more planning, preparation, writing and photo editing than people realise.

I’ve had strange looks when posing for photos. I have travelled places just to make content for a blog post. I have been known as ‘blog girl’. Some people my age have 5 year old children, but I have my blog.

So, I’ve not won any awards yet (but you can change that here) but here’s my rosette acceptance speech:
First of all, thank you to my College tutor, Lestaret, who inspired and encouraged me to start a blog back in 2008. Thank you to my University tutors for supporting my blog – letting me take photos in crits and not questioning my weird behaviour!
A massive thank you to all of my friends. They have had to put up with me turning everything into a blogging opportunity, being photographed, being my photographer and for having to hear ‘it’s for the blog…’ too many times – they deserve a medal really! Thank you for being understanding and helping me out.
Thank you to everyone who has read/looked at the pictures, commented on posts and supported my blog. Whether you’ve been reading from the start (has anyone!?) or just recently – thank you for spending time reading my posts. Strangers from the internet have turned into friends, which has been both scary and brilliant!

In 5 years Graphique Fantastique has achieved 163,385 views, 506 posts with 759 comments and 6,902 followers – it’s just unbelievable! So thank you.

Do you like my rosette? (It’s handmade btw – tutorial to follow maybe if you’d like?)

Blogging has lead me to some amazing opportunities and helped me to develop my writing, analytical and networking skills. It’s not for everyone but I 100% recommend anyone gives blogging a go (let me know if you do!). I hope that I can continue to post interesting things that people want to read about and who knows what will happen?

Thanks for coming along on the ride – here’s to the next 5 years? ha


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