The Festival of Imagination: Selfridges Imaginarium

After posting about the Festival of Imagination window displays and discovering that there was also a shop full of weird and wonderful things, I was excited to have the opportunity to go back and visit the Imaginarium at Selfridges in London:

I guess that the ‘Imagine Shop’ is kind of like a toy shop for big kids (adults with imaginations). After visiting a 3D printing exhibition at the Science Museum, I was so excited to see live 3D printing in person, although Ben and I couldn’t work out what this machine was printing:

Any guesses? It kinda looked like an egg cup and spoon to us but I realise how odd that sounds! One of the printers had finished though:

Awww look, a tri-tastic piggy bank! At £999.99 each, I don’t think I’ll be buying a 3D printer just yet… maybe next month?

Also on display were a range of smart products including 3D printed chain mail-esque scarves (made from individual links – I couldn’t get my head around it), a full sized 3D printed ping pong table, swish watches, DIY plant watering systems, DIY speakers, a scooter, impossible cameras and some kind of really clever phone case which transfers an image magnetically.

And of course, Ben had to try out the Dezeen interactive watch shop:

A very helpful assistant came over to explain it to us. With my sensible head on, I think it’s a bit unnecessary and just a gimmick really – why put a paper strap on to see a watch on a screen when you can just try a real watch on? But there’s no denying that the idea and technology behind it is pretty cool!

Have you been to Selfridges Imaginarium yet or are you going to soon? What do you think to all of these crazy items? I’m still waiting for hoverboards and flying DeLoreans from Back to the Future to be a thing…

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