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I first discovered Tiger before Christmas when I was shopping in Cambridge. The shop was small but jam packed with cool things from stationery to food and homeware to novelty items, all for really good prices. Whilst talking about my phone case with Keri the other day (which is from Tiger), she informed me that there was a Tiger on Tottenham Court Road – so I popped in at the weekend:

I think I would describe Tiger as a bit of a roller coaster/ theme park ride because it’s a long, trailing one way system/maze, there’s lots of excitement and highs as you discover some lovely and reasonably priced items and when you get to the end (tills) and it’s all over, you want to do it all over again (or is that just me?).

At the moment Tiger has some lovely triangle themed products which makes me very happy:

A creative can never have too many notebooks, right? I also thought that the masking tape (bottom right) was cute, although not sure what I would use it for… but that has never stopped me before!

Next up, kitchenware:

Flasks, mugs, plates, coasters all looking lovely and geometric – I can’t wait to have my own tritastic place!

Also just wanted to share (again) my phone case which is from Tiger:

It’s £3, it’s got triangles on it AND it’s holographic – 3 is a magic number!

And tucked away in a corner just after the tills I discovered these MDF letters for the bargain price of just £2:

… although (Graphic Designer head on) some of the letterforms looked a bit dodgy if you ask me – the n looked good but I had to resist as I have no room in my suitcase! If you’re a type nerd and you want to get creative I would recommend these cardboard letters:

… a blank canvas just waiting for you to doodle or cover in collage! Unfortunately they don’t stock every letter, but remember that if you can always make your own paper mache letter using my DIY 3D letters tutorial (it’s from 2011 but still the most popular post on my blog!).

Tiger’s prices are very competitive and they have a very wide range of products – from novelty gifts to cooking spices. I can’t vouch for every product being amazing quality, but for the variety, personality and price I am definitely a Tiger fan. Apparently there are 29 Tiger stores in the UK (mostly South East, West Midlands and Wales though – sorry Northerners!) so find your nearest and allow yourself a little bit of Tiger time.

Have you ever been shopping at Tiger? If not, will you be taking a trip now? Let me know 🙂

Edit: I took a trip to Tiger in Cambridge at the weekend and found more tri-tastic kitchen goodies:


  • amberrand

    12/02/2014 at 10:15 am

    Love it in there, it’s all a bargain and really novel !

  • realmsofbeauty

    12/02/2014 at 10:23 am

    Amazing post! Think I might have to make a trip, in love with the phone case… And SUCH a bargain xx

  • Shaniqua Marie

    01/04/2014 at 3:14 pm

    I’ve shopped in Tiger quite a few times and I love the stuff they have in there. It’s such a cool store.

  • tribw

    12/05/2014 at 12:52 pm

    it is such a nice shop to wander around in and love there stuff!

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