God’s Own Junkyard Warehouse @ Walthamstow


After falling in love with a vintage circus style N in Selfridges in December 2013, God’s Own Junkyard has had a place in my heart. I’ve been back to the Selfridges pop up shop and to Scream Gallery to see more of his work, but after seeing Nikki’s post about the warehouse in Walthamstow I decided I just HAD to go.

So last weekend I googled the location and set off to find it with Ben, who was a bit puzzled when we turned up at some garages I think. Little did he know what we was going to find behind this door…

…As soon as we stepped in, it was amazing!

Chris Bracey’s collection and creations fill the warehouse top to bottom and create an atmosphere which is hard to describe in words so I advise you go and experience it for yourself! Not only does the warehouse house all of the amazing work, but is proof that with a bit of the creative community’s support, a place like God’s Own Junkyard can be saved (see story here).

With every wall, table and sofa dripping in neon, there’s a constant buzz in the background – I can’t imagine the electric bill but there’s no doubt that it’s totally worth every penny! There are some dark corners…

… but the majority of the warehouse is glowing bright and ever changing as Chris creates and sells more of his work. With so much to take in, I must have walked around 10 times just looking deeper and discovering more with each glance.

Inspirational, motivational, funny and cheeky – the warehouse contains just about every kind of typographic sign you could want and what’s even better is that some come with their own slice of history.

But it’s not only about neon! Other quirky pieces are incorporated into the space including a shed which houses a statue of Jesus holding a gun, vintage signs and suitcases, massive disco balls, animals (spot the pig dressed as a chef on the right below) and mirrors:

The God’s Own Junkyard warehouse in Walthamstow is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11am – 5pm so treat yourself at the weekend. Who wants go see the Northern lights when the Walthamstow lights are just on your doorstep?

Have you been or are you planning on going? Let me know what you think and if you could decide on your favourite piece – I know I couldn’t!


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