168 Hours in London #3


After a lovely Valentines weekend at home in the Fens, I headed back to London with a bunch of gorgeous roses and a smile:

Just when I thought I had sussed most of the area around the studio out, I stumble across a secret garden in the middle of the city:

I bet this is amazing in the summer, especially for a few cocktails after work!

Southwark, the tube closest to the studio, gets brownie points for it’s triangle enthusiasm…

I’ve seen a lot of posts this week on instagram etc with the quote: ‘Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life’. Working in London is a good example of this I think as people spend a lot of time travelling to, from and at work and then don’t ‘have time’ to enjoy the city. With this in mind, even if I’m tired I’ve been trying to make the most of the city convenience and buzz.

On Tuesday evening my friend Nadia and I headed to Kings Cross for the Dinosaur Pile Up gig at Scala, but of course there was time for a few cocktails before hand…

Yay for 2 for 1 happy hour – Rum Runners (which were awful!) and Screaming Orgasms!

Armed with my trusty Converse (which are almost 10 years old – crazy, no?! Might be time for a new pair…) I was ready for music:

Irish band Fight Like Apes played first and I really liked them – the singer sounded amazing live!

The crowd went mad for Dinosaur Pile Up and there was even a giant inflatable dinosaur thrown in! I’ve definitely missed going to gigs but Nadia and I have decided we need to get back into it.

This entrance tunnel to a car park down the road from the studio has a great atmosphere, don’t you think? I found a building which is the exact same colour as my nails – no photoshopping here, I promise!

I love that some of the buildings in London are crazy colours – it definitely brightens things up!

I’ve got all the essentials on my desk this week… including a pile of pens which aren’t mine, masking tape, Mr Muscle and kitchen roll:

A quick snap of the meeting room that everyone gathers around Monday mornings and for client meetings – there’s lots of interesting books and things on the shelves but I haven’t properly explored them yet!

And the intern debate continues… this week in the Evening Standard:

I’m lucky to be a paid intern. Remember kids, don’t work for free because it makes it harder for everyone to get experience – not everyone can afford to work for nothing. You shouldn’t have to anyway – you have a talent and skills so if a company want you to help them then you’re worth paying!

I took a trip into Central and found myself drawn into Urban Outfitters as per usual. I can’t help appreciating the visual merchandising of this brand… triangles and monochrome – what’s not to love?

After raving about Tiger last week my phone case split (typical but I should be more careful) so I went on a mission to replace it. Seems that either lots of people read my post and decided to buy it for their phone or it’s just popular because it’s amazing anyway – I found it so hard to get my hands on one! The Tottenham Court Road store had sold out but I discovered a Tiger in the Stratford Centre and was so relieved when they had one in stock – the last one!

And so my 3rd week as a design intern at gp studio is complete! Only one way to wrap it up…

… a massive bargain Pizza Hut feast with Nadia (£20 for all of this)!

I can’t believe I’m now at my last week already – it’s gone so quick! Fingers crossed I will get to continue to live and explore London next month too… (ooh, mysterious!)


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