3D in the 4D: Channel 4 HQ


Most people switch off/change channel when it comes to TV adverts but actually I quite enjoy watching them.

The Channel 4 3D idents have been running for 10 years now (starting in 2004) and I have always found them interesting. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, let me remind you:

From fields to roller coasters, the possibilities are endless! But it’s not enough to see a still image so watch a couple for the full effect:

(Did you spot the 4 in that one – you have to be quick!)

And if you enjoyed those then you can find more here!

The other week Ben posted a photo of the channel 4 HQ building on instagram and I instantly knew that I wanted to visit. I’m a sucker for anamorphic typography and so this is right up my street! The front of the building is a real life (4D – get it?) 50ft high, 18 ton steel structure known as ‘The Big 4’:

How awesome is that? The HQ building is quite hidden away (West London near to Westminster and Victoria tube stations) but stands on a corner next to the road and I can imagine it’s surreal driving past it in the car. If you’re in the area I recommend going to see it in person and let me know if you drive past it!

And if it’s not fun enough for you (tough crowd!) ‘The Big 4’ also collaborate with creatives to create themed skins:

For more, check out ‘The Big 4’ gallery. Maybe one day I could create a triangular themed skin for ‘The Big 4’…. a girl’s gotta have dreams!

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