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In London you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to museums: the V&A, Tate Modern and Design Museum are popular choices. But what about the smaller, more obscure museums? I love the Museum of Branding and Packaging in Notting Hill – I could spend hours in there!

With it being start of spring, some beautiful weather and my country girl roots calling, I thought I’d try London’s Garden Museum which is just across the Thames from the Houses of Parliament.

Housed inside a church, it’s very atmospheric with beautiful doors and greenery a plenty:

Commissioned by the Garden Museum, floral artist Rebecca Louise Law created a floating meadow using 4,600 flowers. Admittedly it wasn’t looking it’s best (see it here in full glory) but was still very impressive. Oddly, I pass Rebecca’s Columbia road shop on the bus to work everyday and have always wondered what she did – now I know!

In an exhibition space on a mezzanine floor is a history of gardening including tools, gnomes…

… and seeds, tools and sheds packaging and advertising from across the ages.

Painted advertising – you don’t see that much anymore!

Downstairs in the café was a small collection of vintage gardening themed signs:

I was really intrigued by the Elphick’s Seeds sign – what is the reasoning for the angled mirror? Google gave me nothing, so answers on a postcard!

Out the back is what you expect of the Garden Museum, a garden. If I’m honest I was expecting it to be a bit bigger but I guess in the middle of London there’s not much green space. Small but lovely in the sun, and with some nice features:

I also noticed on the way out a chalkboard of events which I thought was very organic and appropriate…

… and then as I was taking a photo one of the staff tried to give me a printed version. Very helpful but it ruined the fun a bit ha

A refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of the city, if you’ve got a passion for florals or just in need of a cup of tea in a green setting, the Garden Museum is small but sweet. It’s not to everyone’s taste but is charming and something different from the obvious museums list. Take a walk on the wild side this spring…

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