LOL. An abbreviation commonly used by the youth of today for Laugh out loud (and by the older generation for lots of love – which just confuses everything!). But it can also stand for London’s obscure Language (which I do LOL about) when it comes to shop/restaurant/takeaway names.

Since choosing to use the bus over the underground for my daily commute I have been surprised, confused and amused by the signs above some of the businesses open in London. Some have no relevance to the business or the imagery used in the branding. Some are just so pun-derful it hurts. Some I laugh with and some I laugh at. Here are a few I’ve been enjoying:

Chick Inn (I think they might sell chicken?) and Jus Desserts (Evil sweet things) – there is Jerk Hut just a few shops down too(but I’ve lost my photo of that so you’ll just have to imagine)!

Lahore (which google tells me is a city in Pakistan but it reminds me of something else) and Home a Loan (complete with £ sign – bad, bad movie pun)

The only way is flowers (TOWIF not TOWIE – I can hear the theme tune in my head now)

Truly Indian (well I guess ‘Falsely Indian’ might not prove as popular)

Boom City (I was a bit disappointed to discover they sell clothes, not speakers and DJing equipment like I’d expected)

Woo Lot (You’ve had you’re lot/woo lot… well, it makes me chuckle)

The Laughing Halibut (I’ve sadly never seen a laughing fish, only a laughing cow)

Lemon Spice (using a lime and ripping off coca cola – it pains me to see this on the bus everyday!)

Pound Express (I can’t help but think they might have been inspired by Tesco express?)

Shoe 4 U (Like phones 4 u but for your feet? Just one shoe though, not the whole pair – is it a rehoming centre for widowed shoes?!)

The Triangle Dentist Practice (Now, you all know that I love triangles but what is the link between dentists (which I hate) and triangles (which I love)? Is this a dentist for hipsters?)

Kebabish (Not quite a kebab, like a kebab, ish. Google tells me that Kababish are ‘nomadic people of northern Sudan’)

Bravissima (I just find this funny because there is an online lingerie and swimwear company called Bravissimo which is slightly different to houses and flats – it’s even the top result when you google bravissima)

Duke of Uke (I like this one, good work Duke of Uke!)

Thank you to Ben for helping me find and photograph some of these gems and to the business owners of London for providing me with hours of fun! These are only a a small selection though and there are many more I’m yet to discover.

Do you have any funny/weirdly named shops around your area? Share the laughter below in the comments or email me photos – I’d love to see them!

P.s. This post is just a bit of fun. I’m sure all of the shop/restaurant owners do a great job in running their businesses and I don’t mean to slate or upset anyone 🙂


  • Rikki Robertson-Brown

    06/04/2014 at 5:52 pm

    Brilliant, the Laughing Halibut is my local chippy, is funny as they get coach loads of pensioners from Blackpool! Cheers for the laughs.

    • graphiquefantastique

      06/04/2014 at 5:58 pm

      Glad you enjoyed it Rikki! I’m sure the Laughing Halibut do lovely fish & chips, but where does that name come from – why is the Halibut laughing? ha

      • Rikki Robertson-Brown

        13/04/2014 at 1:26 pm

        I’ve asked but the usual guy isn’t there but will find out.

  • unsubscriber

    08/04/2014 at 11:17 am

    Some great names there. We have a Chinese restaurant in Sheffield called Wok This Way and a chippy called Codrophenia! There’s even a cod on a scooter wearing a parka as part of the logo!

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