UK Blog Awards 2014 – A night to remember!

Oh, what a night! It seems a long time since the announcement of the finalists in February for the 2014 UK Blog Awards, but on Friday night it was finally time to get glammed up and celebrate.

After finishing work, I rushed to Nadia’s to make myself look half presentable and then we dashed to St Pauls in search of the venue – The Grange Hotel. Lost, we hailed a taxi and was then asked ‘Hi, are you bloggers?’ by a girl who I recognised as Katie from Scarphelia. We all hopped in the taxi and arrived at the swanky hotel to find a red carpet, an impressive LCD pillar and lots of excited bloggers.

Nadia & I hadn’t arranged to meet anyone but Katie (Scarphelia), Charli (Charlotte Lenia) and Beth (Beauty  in Beta) were so friendly and lovely!

The main room was glowing red and packed with bloggers from all over the UK.

For the sweet toothed blogger there was popcorn, candy floss and cupcakes on offer:

Unfortunately we missed out on the complimentary champagne, but managed to buy a bottle of wine just in time for the awards to begin:

Gemma and Becki gave us an intro about why and how the Blog Awards began, Content Click brother & sister act Alex and Jess shared their story and then it was down to the hard stuff – the awards!

I was nominated in the last 2 categories – Most Innovative and Young Persons Blog. Charli and Katie were also nominated in these categories (Charli – Most Innovative and Katie – Young Persons) so I had my fingers crossed that one of us would win. The wait was horrible, but finally the Most Innovative award winner was announced:

Congratulations to Annie from The OCD Squirrel who won Most innovative blog.

And then we were at the last award of the evening – the Young Persons category:

The host, Alan Stevens, announced the two highly commended bloggers – Lucy of Tomorrow’s Girls and Katie of Scarphelia. At this point I kinda turned off because I thought there was no way that I was going to win. But guess what!?

‘The winner of the Young Persons blog award is… Graphique Fantastique’ – there’s no mistaking that name! WHAAAAAAT!? I actually couldn’t believe it, I think I had a bit of a delayed reaction! Then I panicked because I knew I had to go up onto the stage to get the award – in heels, a long dress and with a history of tripping on stage (graduation fail) the odds were against me but somehow I managed to keep it together. I don’t really remember much between standing up and sitting back in my seat – it all happened so fast it’s a blur!

The next thing I know I’m back in the foyer, surrounded by winners and totally confused about what’s going on. I found Hayley of Skyliner (Winner of the individual Arts & Culture category) in the same boat so we huddled together and decided to take a celebratory selfie:

A bit blurry but I was still shaking from shock, sorry!

After spotting the guys that presented me with my award, posing for photos and almost definitely embarrassing myself in the video interview (in which I can’t remember what I said) I also found Chloe from The Beauty Files, who was the organisational winner of the Young Persons category. Her boyfriend Sam took a lovely photo of us with our awards:

I collected my winners certificate too:

And then it was time to dance!

I couldn’t resist posing for an Oscars acceptance speech photo:

Luckily I didn’t have to make a speech on the night – that would have been scary!

At Luma’s awesome interactive stall I designed a tritastic bag…

… which they then made within about 5 minutes – so clever! Expect to see this a lot from now on…

Charli and Nadia explore the goody bag contents:

Including toothpaste, moisturiser, teabags, passport holders, cocktail mixer, biscuits, magazines and a USB stick.

There was time for a bit of networking in the Ladies with Alice of Fairy Blog Mother, Rachel of All things IC and Laura of Smile at Style, some silly posing with Nadia, Charli of Charlotte Lenia, Caitlyn of I’m a damn student and Suzy of Eeep I’m a blogger:

(Photo courtesy of Charlotte)

And so I still can’t believe it, but I’m the Young Persons blog winner 2014.

There are so many people that I couldn’t have done it without, but here are a few:
Lestaret (my college tutor) – a massive inspiration without whom I wouldn’t have started Graphique Fantastique!

  • My friends – they have basically lived Graphique Fantastique with me for the past 5 years. They have been part of the journey: posing for photos, taking my photo and listening to me say ‘It’s for the blog’ more times than anyone could remember.

  • My readers – yes, you lot! You might have been reading for the full 5 years, 5 months or just 5 days, but you have been absolute stars! Your views and comments have made me really happy and proud.

A big thanks to Gemma and Becki for dreaming up the Blog Awards and making it happen – it was a surreal night. I’ve never really done the ‘blogger thing’ before (going to events etc) but everyone was so friendly – we were all friends because we shared blogging as a passion!

I don’t think this is the last you will hear about my win at the UK Blog Awards guys – there’s still all of the ‘official photos’ and other blogger’s posts to come so celebrate with me!


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