Food & Fonts: Bodean’s BBQ @ Soho

So after the success of the first Food & Fonts post I was hungry for some more tasty typography (and food). After Pick Me Up, Alex, Emma, Jack and I had worked up an appetite and headed to Soho where we was drawn by the BBQ smell of Bodean’s:

I’d never been before, but had read good things around the blogosphere and how can you resist anywhere with a neon sign and pig shaped door handle!? So cool!

And the quirky-ness continued inside with a life sized cow branded with ‘Eat Pork’ – it was a porky protest!


To my delight there were lots of what appeared to be hand painted signs featured beautiful old style chalkboard typography. The brand has an retro American diner feel without being cheesy (but not sure about the website)

BAR B Q – The Flavour is the Thing, don’t you know?

The Menu was laminated and a roll of kitchen roll already on the table so I knew I was in for something messy. The menu was clear and easy to navigate so it didn’t take me long to decide. I figured that with the logo being a pig, pork was their ‘thing’ and so I should try it.

Beer o’clock! Emma and Alex enjoyed a Pale Ale and cider whilst Jack and I enjoyed a sugar rush from a Black Cherry Soda which tasted amazing (but I don’t want to think about the amount of sugar in it)! If you ever get the chance to try it, you definitely should! Cool label line up:

Smiles all round and the food hasn’t even arrived yet:

But when it did, wow! It tasted amazing! Alex had a pulled pork meal, Jack had a Soho special (pulled pork and special burnt bits in a burger), Emma had a chicken burger…

and I had a pulled pork burger. It was beautiful! So juicy and BBQ-y:

All served in those American baskets which remind me of Saved by The Bell. It’s making me hungry just thinking about it now!

Overall, if you like pork, Bodean’s is the place for you. The design and experience is simple but has some fun quirky features – love that door handle! Not sure where Food & Fonts will go next… suggestions would really be appreciated so please leave a comment below or tweet me!

Are you going to take a trip to Bodean’s now? If you do, let me know what you have to eat and your experience.


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