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After work last night I ventured to a talk from creative women, for creative women. She Says is a global network for creative ladies which holds talks, events and networking opportunities. I wrote my dissertation (almost a whole year ago now – eeek!) about Women in Graphic Design, looking at ‘successful’ female creatives as well as the overall gender balance in the industry. As a female starting in the industry myself, it’s something I relate to and am really passionate about, so when Lucy invited me to attend the latest She Says talk with her and her creative partner Natalie (they’re creative advertisers) I said yes, of course! Waiting for Lucy and Natalie at the tube station, we bumped into Lily and Lucy – all 4 girls are Lincoln Creative Advertising grads! We were all headed to the She Says event – it’s a small world!

Wine and nibbles keeps the ladies happy!

Each event has a theme and a few speakers who share their opinions, views and experiences. This month the theme was SXSW, which is a music, film and interactive festival in Austin, Texas (USA). I’ve read about it before but never knew what ‘SXSW’ stood for – now I do (South by South West)!

Introduced by Johanna, first to speak was Dani Brown, an art director at Isobar:

Dani spoke about the exciting technology she saw at the talks she attended, including Skully (you NEED to watch the video here), the ‘Wake up and smell the Bacon’ alarm and how she thinks technological advances will be able to help the medical industry in the future.

She also spoke about how ‘Ideas should be like puppies’ (nice and not too scary for the general public) and how we can learn from the Porn industry – don’t do anything they wouldn’t do! ha

Next up was Jill Lin, a UX designer at Isobar:

Jill spoke about how Dungeons and Dragons can be used to test UX design for real people, NASA and how technology and UX design could change the future – a clever lady!

Following Jill was Naomi Roberts, Manager of Communications at Huge Inc.:

Naomi shared her SXSW experiences with us including a virtual reality Game of Thrones experience (which reminded me of Me and the Machine from Frequency Festival), 3D printed Oreos which changed colour according to twitter and meeting Elijah Wood. She also encouraged everyone to enter and sharing all of the fun things she got up to definitely helped with that!

And last but not least, Aurora Straton, a Digital Creative at 101 London:

Aurora (great name) spoke about her favourite things from SXSW including Jelly (a sharing app) and the work of Studio Roosegaarde which looked so innovative! Apparently they have developed a dress which turns transparent when the lady wearing it gets turn on… and for the men, an outfit that turns transparent when they lie! Everyone laughed at that!

All of the speakers were really interesting and good at talking to an audience – I would have been a nervous wreck! After each had spoken they all came on stage for an audience Q&A:

It was a great evening and I’m really excited to attend future She Says events. Creative ladies out there, get involved – us girls should stick together! It’s not just a London thing either – things are happening all over the world!

And the 5 Lincoln ladies couldn’t resist posing for our own panel photo:

(L-R: Me, Lily, Lucy, Natalie and Lucy)

Who knows? Maybe in the future it could happen for real…

See you at the next event then, yeah? Let me know if you are going/interested in going – let’s meet up and go together!?


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