Pinch Me: Post UK Blog Awards ’14

I can’t believe it’s been just over 2 weeks since the UK Blog Awards – time has flown!

Lovely snapchats from Alice  & Sam, Jess, Lydia and Yuliya!

Thank you again to everyone for all the kind words and support – it really means a lot! I’ve received lovely comments, exciting emails and a round of applause at the studio on Monday morning when they found out – I blushed!

And if I didn’t already post enough photos from the evening, the official photos have been released if you’d like to have a look:

All the awards lined up and ready to go to their new homes…

Blogger babes:

Beth (Beauty in Beta), Katie (Scarphelia), Nadia and Charlotte (Charlotte Lenia)

On stage, in shock…

… back at my seat just after I’d won, in shock!

Posing alongside Jess and Alex from Content Click who presented me with my award on stage earlier.

Party time!

It was also brought to my attention that news had made it back to The Fens:

Simply Fantastique! The funny thing is that I actually did some work experience for the newspaper when I was in Year 10 (back when I wanted to be a journalist), so to see an article written about me is quite weird. My mum emailed me the photo of the paper and said ‘You’re famous’, meanwhile my Nan didn’t recognise that it was me and gave her newspaper to her friend. But she’s going to try and get it back!

Pinch me, it still doesn’t feel real. Apparently there is a video from the night being released soon, and after having my photo taken I had to do a mini interview which I was in so much of a spin for that I don’t even remember what I said. I think one of the questions was ‘what are your tips for other bloggers?’ but I don’t really feel qualified to answer that – who am I to give out blogging tips? Sure, I love what I do and it seems I must be doing something ‘right’, but I still have so much to learn and everyone does things differently. I’m still just little old me rambling on about triangles on my blog. Aslong as you & I enjoy it, that’s what keeps me happy!



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