So I know that I’ve only just won the UKBA Young Persons Blog Award and I can’t tell you how amazed and grateful and happy I am about it, but a little birdy (twitter) told me about the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards.

Normally these kinds of things are just for Fashion and Beauty bloggers but this year I noticed they have a ‘Best Careers Blog’ category. Well, Graphique Fantastique is all about my journey as a student to unemployed graduate to employed graduate and that is my career, so I was thinking that maybe I should throw my hat in the ring? Especially with my new BA (Hon)est: Graduate advice series having just started too!

I’ve been hmm-ing and harr-ing though as I don’t want you all to think I’m getting greedy! Winning the Young Persons Blog Award last month has given me a massive confidence boost and I feel prouder than ever of my little blog and how far we have come together. It’s not been easy as Graphic Design is quite a niche topic in comparison to all the fashion and beauty blogs which millions of people can read and relate to. But as you all know, I don’t do it for the views – I do it because I love it and I want to help people.

So I’d really appreciate it if you could help me out (again!? I know, cheeky!) and nominate me in the Best Careers Blog category if you think Graphique Fantastique deserves it. All you have to is go here and follow this 7 step guide:

  1. Enter your email address (to prove you’re not a robot)
  2. Enter my blog’s url: (copy + paste that if you like?)
  3. Select the ‘Best Careers Blog‘ from the drop down category menu
  4. Select no for ‘Is this your blog?’
  5. Type a few words about why you love Graphique Fantastique (maybe you’re a triangle enthusiast too?)
  6. Select no for ‘Are any of the above blogs that you have nominated under a year old?’ (Graphique Fantastique is 5 years old – Woo!)
  7. Press the ‘Submit‘ button

If you do decide to nominate Graphique Fantastique, please let me know (leave a comment or tweet me) so that I can thank you! Nominations close on the 2nd of June so just a couple of weeks to go.

Fingers crossed –  you’ve got to be in it to win it, right?



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