Clerkenwell Design Week Festival 2014 – Platform

After work on Wednesday I ventured to Clerkenwell Design Week Festival with some of the guys from work. A number of exhibitions, talks and studio open evenings were happening so Iris (Studio Manager), Heloise (Interior Designer), Jo (Senior Graphic Designer) and I went to see what all of the hype was about. Welcome to ‘Platform’:

An underground venue, nicknamed House of Detention due to it’s past (a prison apparently), the exhibition showcased some of the world’s most exciting up-and-coming design talent.

As you can see, the setting was perfect for the lighting installations and created a brilliant atmosphere. We met Iris’ friend Tom who is quite popular on Instagram – go and follow him: @foxesandcats aswell as Jo:@joannamansfield and Iris:@notetoiris). It was a great place to take interesting photos

But we was also there to see the design work too:

I am the most awkward model, EVER – but thanks for trying Jo! Follow our studio instagram where this photo features.

There was a large variety of design work from tiles and textiles…

… to mirror-light art…

… cute tea for one tables (with hanging tea bags) and triangle plant pots!

Behind the DJ booth (yes there was music, but unfortunately the alcohol ran out just as we reached the bar!) I found some letters for all of us type geeks:

And also some examples of 3D printing too:

Heloise, Iris and I (Photo thanks to Jo)

It was interesting to see products from the new generation of designers and also really lovely to see the ladies outside of work. The festival is over now, it was only on for 3 days so I’m a bit confused as to why it was called a ‘week’?

I decided to check out the exhibitions at the other venues the evening after too so check back tomorrow for my post about that. Did you go to any of the events at Clerkenwell Design Week? If yes, what did you see/enjoy?

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