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I really can’t believe that it’s been a year since Show Thirteen – where has the time gone!? 365 days on, I can’t call myself a ‘recent graduate’ anymore because there are now a fresh crop of talented Graphic Designers graduating from Lincoln – Show Fourteen.

I travelled to Lincoln after finishing work last night which meant that I didn’t arrive until late and unfortunately missed the tutor’s speeches – boo! There was still a buzz in the studio though:

(Panels belonging to Yuliya Bates and Amelia Tindall)

This year the work was displayed using perspex hanging panels. It’s a bit awkward to photograph with all of the reflections but I thought it was a great use of the space and matched the new contemporary building. A comment was made last year about Show Thirteen looking like ‘it had been thrown together at the last minute’ because for some panels it was ‘just a roll of paper attached to a wall’, so I hope the new system impresses!

Lovely work by Calum Magill, Paul Milan, Tom Hoofs…

…Emily Seaman, Jack Brown, James Upton, Adelle Wardle and Sara Foley.

This wasn’t my first time in the new building but I actually found it quite hard going back to a course that I had so many memories of to find that almost everything had changed – the building, the surroundings, the methods, the atmosphere, the people. My time at Thomas Parker House felt like a distant memory and I was quite sad about it in a way. However one thing has remained the same – Lincoln still has great students which was clear from the work on show.

There was a selection of work from the second years too: fluoro mounting is a genius idea (where have I seen that before ha) and I really loved the Fedrigoni work by Emily Butlin and Louise Davies.

I didn’t really get to look at the work on the evening because there were so many people that I wanted to chat to so I ended up popping back in the afternoon today too – I just can’t stay away…

Each student had a box style portfolio which looked very professional and I preferred to the plastic sleeved ones used for Show Thirteen!

Glen talks Jack through his portfolio, whilst Ben tries to persuade everyone to pick up his business card:

There are some real characters (Peel and Walker I’m mainly looking at you) in this year group and I think they will provide a lot of entertainment(and great work, of course) to the lucky studios that take them on for internships/jobs. I spoke to a lot of students who had already secured jobs or internships which is great news, so again congratulations to you! I think the Lincoln legacy is still going strong for another year at least – no pressure class of 2015!

Well done Show Fourteen – Show Thirteen was a hard act to follow but I think you pulled it off! 😉

Are you going to be around Lincoln soon? Show Fourteen is open now until Monday 16th June from 10am – 4pm. Go and check it out – there was way too much for me to fit into this blog post!


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