Life Lately: May & June ’14

Hello there! It’s been a little while since I’ve done a post about what I’ve been up to, hasn’t it? You’ll be glad to know I’m still alive, loving the capital and I have some exciting news to share! But first, why have I been quiet? Well, I’ve been busy:

So, what seems like aaaaaages ago now, I finally got around to going to Columbia Road Flower Market on a Sunday morning with Nadia and Lucy:

It was beautiful weather so naturally it was choc-a-block but an experience! So many lovely flowers, plants and homeware in the surrounding shops…

… including this gem selling, you guessed it, flower/plant pots – I love puns!

The weekend after Lucy & I couldn’t keep away from those flowers and found ourselves inthe  John Lewis rooftop garden which was so lovely!

It was on and off rain but it didn’t dampen the experience as they had umbrellas on hand which made came in handy as a prop to pose with! (Thanks to Lucy for the photos!) The garden is beautiful and peaceful considering it’s right above Oxford Street. The rooftop is open until 31st August, 10am – 4pm (Sundays 11.30am – 4pm) and definitely worth a visit!

I was super happy to be featured in the Fred Aldous weekly e-newsletter after my post about how much I love that place:

Oh and the observant ones amongst you will notice that my hair has changed a bit – I’m dip dyed again!

It’s not ALL been play though, as I’ve been busy at work too. I still feel like I’m learning every day and am even receiving my own post at the studio now (it was samples) so that’s exciting! I can’t believe I’ve been at gp studio for 5 months at the end of June – that’s nearly half a year!

I’m getting so used to using the Mac at work that I’m finding it kinda difficult to edit photos on my little Mac Book Pro now – how did I make it through Uni using a trackpad!? Unfortunately can’t share much else on what I’ve been up to at work due to confidentiality etc, so back onto play it is…

It was Nadia’s birthday (Happy Birthday to youuuu) last weekend so we headed to a 90’s themed night at the Jazz Cafe in Camden for an evening of nostalgia – S Club 7, the Venga Boys and the Spice Girls, it was wonderful! We partied with Rap Raven, Cuthbert 80 and Kenza (who was behind the camera here):

The morning after our night in the nineties I took Nadia on a surprise adventure…

… to The O2 to see Cirque du Soleil’s Dralion (a combination of dragon and lion)!

It was absolutely amazing! I had my jaw on the floor for most of the show – trapeze, balancing pyramids, trampolines, gymnastics, juggling and skipping! It was everything that I had imagined and more, and I’m so glad that I got to see it and if you haven’t yet, it’s definitely one for the bucket list! Thanks again to City Calling for making it possible. The last time I was at the O2 I had been to see Lady Gaga but that was almost 5 years ago now. The O2* is a great venue with a massive arena as well as restaurants, a cinema and an exclusive lounge for O2 customers (which I am). Really I would like to spend more time there because I miss going to gigs and there’s always a great atmosphere (Nadia & I were front row for Kings of Leon about 6 years ago!). In the next couple of months The O2 have some exciting things happening including gigs from Pharell (October), Ed Sheeran (October) and  Kylie (September – October) as well as comedy shows from Miranda Hart (October) and my personal fave, Russell Howard (December). I might have to start planning now – so many events, such little time! Will I be bumping into you at any of the shows?

And last but not least… Always save the best ’til last, right?

So for the past 4 and a half months I have been living out of a suitcase and staying on sofas. The time has come to leave that life behind as I am so excited to be moving into a house in London! Finally I will be a proper Londoner, living with Nadia, Lucy and our new friend Ellie – it does mean I will have to get the tube everyday sadly.

(L – R: Ellie, Nadia, Lucy & me – You’ll be seeing a lot more of these faces in the future!)

So sorry if things go a bit quiet in the next couple of weeks but I will soon have a desk and space to be creative again – I can’t wait! Also there’s a bit of a story and definitely some lessons to be learnt from the whole ‘finding somewhere to live’ experience so I’m planning to include that in my BA (Hon)est series (which has been receiving a lot of love, thanks guys) so look out for that!

What have you guys been up to? I hope you’re enjoying the lovely weather? I have the worst hayfever ever at the moment but hoping that I’ll be able to enjoy some sun without looking like I’ve been crying soon.

 This post is sponsored by The O2 to promote the fantastic line up of gigs, shows and events which they have planned for the rest 2014. I’ve been an O2 customer for over 12 years now and have had a great experience with them – I love priority moments! 


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