Floodit @ Red Bull HQ


Last week, after work I headed to Red Bull HQ with Jo, Sophie and Jack for some a screen printing adventure in the shape of Floodit. Floodit featured work from several artists which you could get printed onto a t-shirt and/or vinyl sleeve as well as some (rather loud) tunes from a DJ and a free bar thanks to Red Bull (none of us like Red Bull but beer is always a winner). Here’s a few snaps of the evening:

(Photo courtesy of Jo Mansfield)

Jack checked out the vinyl sleeves…

… whilst Jo and Sophie watched some of the screen printing:


Sophie posing with the Red Bull mini and enjoying the free bar (a la gin)

Shameless promo – I checked out my blog on one of the iPads (I’d only seen it on a mac screen before)

(Photo courtesy of Jo Mansfield)

There was a bit of a rumour going around (not sure who started that… ooops!) that there was a slide at Red Bull HQ, however sadly we didn’t manage to find it (and the bouncers told us it was in the Soho building?) but there were a few other cool things to see including toy aeroplanes, a Red Bull Mini, a Red Bull fridge and a soldier?:

(Photo courtesy of Jo Mansfield)

All in all it was a bit of a weird concept for a night – the music was too loud to talk, no one really mingled and I don’t think there was enough focus on the design. It was my first time at one of the Floodit events but if it wasn’t for Sophie, I don’t think I would have known about it – it wasn’t promoted enough!

It was lovely to have a little Lincoln catch up – more Lincoln meets should be arranged in the future, I think!

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