#BloggersFilmSwap – Part 1


I was browsing twitter, as you do, when I came across a tweet from Nora of Hello You about a #BloggersFilmSwap. When I read the post I was instantly hooked – what a great idea! However I noticed that at that point only 4 people had signed up so over the next week I spent a little while trying to persuade  more people to get involved.

Last Sunday Nora emailed to reveal who I had been partnered with…

Ta da! It’s Lucy of Wordssearching – my housemate! What are the chances, hey? Kinda funny as we joked about it – ‘How funny would it be if we got paired?’ and we will save money on postage. We both have fish eye lomography cameras so it will be interesting to see how the films turn out.

So the first stage is to take a film full of photos with the theme ‘Summer’ in 4 weeks. At the weekend Lucy & I headed to Portobello Road with our cameras, Lady P and Ruby:

So on the 17th August it will be film swapping time…

… and then we carry on shooting to create a double exposure. I’ve never attempted a double exposure before, so I’m very excited about experimenting and collaborating with another blogger. Fingers crossed that I don’t mess it up and ruin the film!

Our films will be developed by the end of September, so check back then for the end results. I can’t wait to see how everyone’s films turn out!

Until then we’re both going to be getting snap happy – fingers crossed for some great weather!

Have you tried double exposure photos before? If you have any tips for Lucy & I please comment below or get in touch!

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