Call for Kipple

Kipple. What? What is that?

Useless? Unnecessary? Novelty? Mostly one colour? Junk? Tick to all of those and congratulations, it’s kipple! Still unsure? Check Dan Tobin Smith’s list here. He’s creating an installation using donated kipple:

This project reminds me of the ‘Make Space’ campaign which I created for National Declutter Week in the last year of my degree. I removed everything from my room and used the space to do fun things with my friends. At the end of the experiment I found that I didn’t need a lot of the ‘stuff’ in my room and got rid of loads. Decluttering is the way forward guys!

The kipple installation  (aka The first law of Kipple) will be part of the London Design Festival in September. So basically you could be exhibiting at the London Design Festival – an opportunity not to be missed! I definitely can’t wait to visit the exhibition and try to spot my kipple contribution.

And great news – the deadline for sending kipple has been extended to 22nd August so now more people can get involved! Are you going to send some of your kipple to Dan? Find the address here.

Dan is also looking for students, graduates and other creatives to get involved in the sorting and building of the installation. If I wasn’t working I would totally have got involved, but find out how you can be here.

Now to decide on the kipple…

P.S. let me know if/what you’re sending!

P.P.S All photos taken from Dan’s instagram – follow him here.

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