Holi Colour Festival @ Wembley Park


A new craze has taken over the UK recently. No, I’m not talking about loom bands – it’s the Holi One colour festival. If you don’t know what it is (where have you been?), basically it’s a copy of the Hindu HOLI festival – one of the most famous celebrations in the northern parts of India. The Hindu-Festival celebrates the victory of the good over the bad and the beginning of the spring but Holi One is mainly about having fun throwing the colour paints around. At University there was ‘paint parties’, now there are powder paint festivals.

It sounds like great fun, right? So Lucy, Ellie & I decided to experience it for ourselves because YOLO (oh no, did I really just say that?). We headed to Wembley Park excited and intrigued.
Oooh look at all the coloured paint:

We had pre-purchased some paint with our ticket but still had to queue for an hour and a half to get these! (Gripe #1) A great start to the day…

Every hour, on the hour there was a countdown where everyone would throw their paint in the air:

All of the colours looked so pretty and everyone was wearing white so they would get covered in colour.

Yes, that is a car park floor you see (Gripe #2) – it would have been so much better in a field.

Everyone was enjoying the powder paint and I spotted ZoeLDN too (whose blog I love):

Peugeot were joining in the fun too by allowing people to throw paint over a white 108:

We just did a Busted jump in front of the car like cool kids!

There was a lot of dancing, dodging people throwing water and trying to take photos without getting our phones covered.

At one of the earlier countdowns we had made our way right into the centre of the crowd to dance. Big mistake! We got absolutely covered and couldn’t breathe because there was so much paint in the air. I had played with some powder paint before (at University for a project) but I wasn’t prepared for THAT! Lesson learnt we stayed where there was a bit more space for the rest of the day:

Overall we had a good laugh but if I’m honest, I think it was quite over priced considering the size of the space in a car park next to Wembley stadium. There was a lot of people, which was good, but the festival didn’t really manage it very well – long queues on a hot day create pissed off people.

If you’re thinking of/going to a Holi One colour festival, my tips are:
– Google it. See what other peoples experiences were like.
– Take Sunglasses. Even if it’s not sunny, they will help to protect your eyes – and that powder gets EVERYWHERE!
– Take masks. You know those cheap white mouth masks you can buy from DIY shops? If you want to go into the centre of the crowd, you’ll be able to breather with one of those.
– Take a bumbag. They’re practical (free hands for dancing), they keep all of your important things safe so you don’t have to worry and the 90s is totally in at the moment. We got ours from the 99p store – bargains!
– Take sandwich bags. iPhones are expensive. People mix water with paint and throw it. People throw drinks into crowds. Don’t risk it!
– If you don’t like getting dirty (and I mean filthy) then this event is not for you. Even if you don’t stand in the crowd you get coated in dusty paint and it’s not the nicest feeling ever.
– Get cash out before you go. The queues are soooooo long and they charge you, of course!
– Fancy dress. Have fun!

Thankfully it was a sunny day – I can’t imagine what would of happened had it rained (ewww). We had a laugh, we took loads of funny/cool photos and the looks we got on the tube home were priceless! Needless to say, the shower I had when we got home was the best shower EVER (and I’ve been to Reading Festival 4 years in a row before)!

Are you going to a colour festival? Have you been? Share your photos 🙂

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