The Cornershop @ Wellington Row

With a Tesco express popping up every 5 minutes, small independent cornershops are becoming a rarity (well, in London anyway). However, just off Columbia Road, Lucy Sparrow is rebelling with her project which Lucy, Nadia & I went to check out last weekend:

Although it stocks everything from space raiders to fish fingers, The Cornershop isn’t what it first appears… look closer:

Everything is made of felt! Hand crafted by Lucy Sparrow and exhibited in their natural habitat, The Cornershop is an exhibition of everyday items which everyone can relate to. Funded via a Kickstarter campaign, Lucy raised over £10,500 and is even manning the exhibition behind the till in a tabard – it must be great for her to see everyone’s reactions. Don’t forget to pick up your felt essentials, biscuits and beer:

Soft and squidgy but stored in a freezer unit, Lucy has captured the detail of some of the nation’s favourite brands from Richmond sausages and Spam fritters to McCain oven chips:

You’ll be excited to know that all items are available to purchase, but obviously you’ll be paying a bit more than £1 for milk due to Lucy’s craftmanship and time. You can read all about the journey of the The Cornershop here, including what the shop looked like before Lucy transformed it.

The Cornershop is open for business until 31st August so make sure you get a chance to try the fluffy shopping experience!

Are you going to pop to the shop? Let me know what you think & your favourite product. I think mine has to be the magazines (typical designer answer) – so much detail and funny stories! Can’t make it to London but want to see more? Read Lucy’s blog post here.

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