Marc Jacobs Pop Up Tweet Shop @ Covent Garden

Yesterday I popped to Covent Garden to experience a new retail experience: the Marc Jacobs pop up tweet shop. Tweet shop? No, I wasn’t buying tweets – quite the opposite actually, as customers were able to ‘buy’ things by tweeting! Outside the pop up shop was a cute flower cart displaying massive daisies (well, white gerberas!) which cost just 1 tweet:

Marc Jacobs Pop Up Shop

Lucy and I couldn’t resist posing with a big bunch before heading into the store to discover more…

Ain’t she as cute as a daisy 🙂

With a live feed of all the tweets (hashtagged with #MJDAISYCHAIN )and a DJ, the shop was buzzing:

There were several areas to sit around the shop including a swinging chair, gazebo/bandstand, big wooden stools and (fake) grassed areas.

So how did it work? Three simple steps:

– Share (tweet or share a picture on twitter)
– Show (to one of the retail assistants)
– Enjoy (a selection of items).

So for 1 tweet you could ‘buy’ a sample of the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume range (which smells amazing):

Marc Jacobs Pop Up Shop

… or also a #MJDaisyChain macaroon and hot drink (tea, coffee or hot chocolate). Lucy had a peppermint tea whilst I opted for a green tea – lovely!

If you tweeted a photo or a vine video you could get a Marc Jacobs Daisy keyring or have your nails ‘daisy-fied’ instore. I wish I could of got my nails done but as you can imagine, the queue was massive so I opted for the keyring which means that I can carry a piece of the experience with me forever!

Marc Jacobs Pop Up Shop

Dotted around the room there were giant bottles of Daisy perfume – they were actually so heavy! I can’t say that it didn’t cross our minds to try and sneak one of those beauties out of the store, but obviously we’re not that kind of girl!

Marc Jacobs Pop Up Shop

Alongside the bottles there was lots of flowers and chalkboards to write messages onto. For the most creative/lucky tweeters a range of Marc Jacobs accessories were on offer as prizes, but sadly we came home empty handed – maybe next time, hey?

Tweets don’t technically have a monetary value, but imagine how many tweets you would need to send to be able to ‘buy’ a bottle of Daisy or a Marc Jacobs purse! I find the whole idea of a ‘tweet shop’ really interesting and who knows, maybe one day we will actually be able to pay for things via tweet  or even blog post? After all, bit coins are a real thing now aren’t they? Are tweet shops the future of retail? It’s quite an exciting concept and I think it was a great marketing event – good work team Marc Jacobs!

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  • queenbeady

    18/08/2014 at 3:54 pm

    This event looks amazing! And those mini macaroons that have been customised for Daisy?! They look so cute and so scrumptious at the same time, I wouldn’t know whether to look at it or eat it, it’s that pretty!
    I love Marc Jacobs perfume & I would have loved to have seen this event in action!
    Rebecca xxx

    • graphiquefantastique

      21/08/2014 at 10:53 pm

      Thanks Rebecca, yes it was a great event with a really interesting concept! The macaroon was cute, but too tasty to waste ha I hope more brands take note of the tweet shop idea and develop it! Fingers crossed 🙂 xx

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