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At the weekend I was lucky enough to win a pair of tickets via twitter for a tour of Regents Canal and Broadway Market with Shoreditch Hype! Walking the canal has been on my to-do-list for a while now so I was really excited to win the tickets for a guided tour.

Jack & I met the group and our guide, Chiel, at Mile End station. Everyone seemed really nice and chatty – very important when you’re going on a 3 hour walk together!

We made our way to the canal path running alongside Regents Canal and avoided the swans (who reminded me of Lincoln times but looked a bit angry!) and despite my initial worries about the weather, it was lovely and sunny! Walking next to the river, it was so peaceful compared to hustle and bustle of central London – although those cyclists do get a bit pushy sometimes!

I loved looking at the narrow boats all painted to reflect the name/owners tastes. Not every boat was well-maintained but each had it’s own unique characteristics with decking extensions, mini herb gardens and stained glass windows.

So after walking for a little while, the first stop on our tour was The East London Liquor Company. Housed in an old glue factory at the Southern Edge of Victoria Park, Bartender Jack was on hand to explain the Gin making process using these beautiful copper stills:

He let us try a dash and believe me, a dash is all you need! Infused with peppers, it was SO strong but if Gin is your thing (like Pete on our tour), this place is for you! Bartender Jack said that the guys are looking into experimenting and infusing Gin with lots of different flavours which sounds exciting.

Back onto the trail and we passed through Victoria Park…

… where we spotted some massive fish in the lake – are they supposed to be there?

The sun was still shining as our tour continued…

…I couldn’t resist posing on these rainbow ‘LOL’ steps…

The second stop of the tour was Broadway Market – not far from Hackney Central. After a brief history of the market we explored the stalls with so much choice of food and drink – it smelt amazing! The street was buzzing with people looking for some lunch:

Beautiful handmade meringue by the Meringue Girls.

After browsing the market for a while, we met our guide Chiel to venture to Netil House:

Netil 360 is a roof terrace which provides views over East London and into the city:

I imagine the view would be amazing at night with all of the lights?

Close to Netil House, guess what I found?

No, it’s not photoshopped! Triangle Road is a real place and I think I need to live there one day!

Back onto the Canal walk, we passed a guy working on his boat…

… and a studio with a brilliant view.

At the end of our tour in Haggeston, Chiel guided us into The Proud Archivist where they have cocktails, a lovely view of the canal and a library upstairs:

Filled with lots of creative and inspiring books, imagine sitting along the canal with a book in the sunshine – sounds like heaven!

So that was the tour! When I first read that the tour was going to be around 3 hours I was a bit shocked but it makes sense – it takes time to organise a group of people walking at different speeds and take in all of the sights. Jack & I really enjoyed ourselves – it was great exploring, meeting new people and doing something a bit different! (This is an old link but it gives you a bit more info about the tour) Thanks again to Hype! for choosing me as a winner on twitter 🙂

Do you want to book onto a Hype! tour? Follow @ShoreditchHype on twitter or download the Hype App for all of the lastest happenings in London (which is where I learnt about the Marc Jacobs event!). It’s free and who knows what you might discover!?

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