Print Isn’t Dead @ London Graphic Centre

Last night after work Soof (who has been interning just around the corner from gpstudio – I’m going to miss her when she goes off to Reading to start her MA!) & I headed to Covent Garden to attend the People of Print magazine launch: Print isn’t dead.

Outside the London Graphic Centre things were looking a bit grey and gloomy, but inside…

… it was a different story. And look, my nails matched the Pantone 805c fluoro orange too!

It all began with a Kickstarter campaign aiming to raise £6500 and now there are real, printed copies of the magazine. I have supported a magazine via kickstarter before (Intern Magazine) and it seems like the perfect way to get people involved in making waves. MagCulture have named it their ‘Magazine of the week’ and I have seen lots of enthusiasm on twitter – it seems that the people are still backing print, even if technology isn’t.

Not to be sniffed at – It smelt good.

Amongst the crowd, we found Sherida and her friend Kate. With Soof, they discovered a cat in the magazine – Soof loves cats!

After coo-ing over the cat, we looked up and the room was very busy!

Aswell as buy a copy of the magazine and drink free beer, you could print a letterpress message on an adana (mini?) press…

… or get a screen printed t-shirt with one of many designs. The first 75 people got a free t-shirt but if you brought your own t-shirt with you the guys would print on that too which I thought was really nice of them! Unfortunately, of course, the queue was massive so I didn’t get a screen printed t-shirt, but I did try out something exciting…

So here are the girls looking all smiley. I instagrammed this photo and hashtagged it with #printisntdead and then…

… there was a clever printer which was printing anything hashtagged #printisntdead! A very clever system, no? Thanks instabear for letting me keep the photos – it’s on my wall 🙂

The ‘print is dead’/ ‘print isn’t dead’ debate continues… Company magazine announced this month that they would soon be a digital magazine only, stopping print. That makes me feel quite sad. I know that with technological advances, digital is taking over the world but I still like to feel paper between my fingers.Thanks to the guys at People of Print for a lovely evening and publication of beauty. It’s great to see that there are some beautiful magazines out there ready to challenge the computers and keep print alive and kicking!

So buy your copy of Print isn’t dead and save printed magazines from extinction – I really don’t want to read e-books to my children!

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