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I haven’t really talked about this on my blog before because it’s not really relevant to design, however there might be a lack of posts in the next couple of weeks and I just wanted to explain why…

About 4 years ago one of my friends noticed that I had a small lump in my neck. It was a bit of a mystery and became a bit of a joke amongst our group of friends. After a while I noticed it was getting a bit bigger so decided to go to the Doctors and to cut a long story short, they basically they palmed me off and said I was being vain.

4 years on… the lump is a lot bigger and at the point where people are staring at me on the tube and stopping me in Sainsburys to ask ‘what’s the matter with you?’ – yes, I’m serious. You might not have noticed because despite it now being the size of a tennis ball, I’ve developed a technique/pose for hiding the lump or making sure that I photoshop every photo(perks of being a Graphic Designer). My self-confidence is zero, I feel horrible about the way I look and I’ve had enough. It’s time to get this sorted! So I started the whole process again: blood tests, scans, cameras shoved up my nose and down my throat, waiting 3 hours at the hospital for a 5 minute appointment etc. It’s taken another 10 months for me to get a final answer for what the lump actually is (a blockage in my Submandibular Gland) and an operation date (after frustratingly having the first operation cancelled just 3 days before!). Today is the big day. As this posts, I’ve been at hospital for 3 hours already! It’s not a massively serious operation but due to the size and position of the lump there are a lot of nerves and veins around the area (connecting to my head) and I do have to stay in hospital overnight, which I can’t say I’m thrilled about.

So I’m not going to be feeling too great. I’m going to have a massive scar on my neck (although that is a lot better than a growth!) and I’m not really sure how long it will take for me to recover (it could be upto 14 days), but I hope you can all forgive me for my absence. I have scheduled a few posts, but hopefully it won’t be too long before I’m back to my usual self & walking the streets of London in search of inspiration again.

Also, just quickly… tomorrow is the final day of voting for the Cosmo Blog Awards 2014. I’m predicting that I might not get time to tweet etc and pester you all so this may be my last plea: please consider voting for Graphique Fantastique in category 13 (Best Careers Blog) in the Cosmo Blog Awards! Read all about it here and keep your fingers crossed for me (for the op and the awards!)

See you on the other side!


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