BLISTERS: Sound Sessions 2014 @ Print Club London

A little while ago I was invited to BLISTERS 2014 but I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to make it (thanks to my op) – I’m really glad I was able to go though! I didn’t realise that being invited meant I was VIP (I guess I thought that everyone who signed up to Print Club London’s newsletter got an email) so it was amazing to be on the Press list!

I thought that I was late when I arrived, but actually I was still early which was great because I got to explore before everyone rushed in (and they did!). After the last Print Club London event at Somerset House, I was expecting great things and I wasn’t disappointed:

I grabbed a G&T kindly provided by Sipsmith and then Romain (who had invited me) gave me a goody bag with some GF Smith (sponsors of the exhibition) & Print Club goodies which was so lovely. And then it was time for the main event, the show…

Housed in a car garage, it was gritty and raw and interesting – the perfect setting. Dotted around the room were cool props – the attention to detail creating the exhibition space was brilliant:

It wouldn’t be right to have BLISTERS: Sound Sessions without music, so the stage was set for Meanwhile to play later in the night. Behind the stage were some giant light-up letters – I was in heaven! Of course, I had to take a selfie:

And this is the moment that everyone rushed in. Literally, people ran in, scanned the room, noted down the prints that they wanted and then headed straight for the shop:

As I was trying to avoid the rush and make my way around all 40 prints I bumped into Jake who I knew from college – what a small world. Jake and Ying had cleared the shop out… ok not really, but look at how many prints Jake had bought:

And this is how excited I was at finding Jake… he really wasn’t excited about having his photo taken!

Each creative was tasked with producing a print inspired by their favourite gig, song or lyric. It was way too hard to decide on just one, but I think my favourite is a tie between these two: I love the simplicity of Rose Blake’s work.

I also loved that all of the artist’s names and the song the print represented was in cassette form – a lovely touch!

Jake, Ying & I headed up the spiral staircase to the GF Smith film screening room. All of the posters were printed onto GF Smith paper – fun fact for you there. I knew that I had already seen the film online (check it out on the homepage of their website) but I wanted to see it again because it’s an amazing piece of cinematography!

And the room created a brilliant atmosphere too! If you haven’t seen the film, I 100% recommend you watch it. It’s dramatic, it’s beautiful and it’s all about how GF Smith make their Bright Red colorplan. Ying likened it to Hannibal – if that hasn’t tickled your curiosity then I don’t know what will!

They also showed a quick film about their new adventure GF Smith: Make Book which we went to have a look at in the GF Smith room downstairs:

GF Smith have recently rebranded so it was great to see all of their new identity together – I have always admired the creative way that they present their papers. They’ve collaborated with some big names including Made Thought (who worked on the rebrand) and SEA to create clever and beautiful booklets and swatch boxes.

We wanted to find out more about Make Book – their new service. Basically you supply the artwork and GF Smith hand produce your book. They are super high quality and look beautiful. They are quite pricey (£100 for the standard 20 page B5 or A4 size) but I was saying that they’re perfect for lookbooks or portfolios. If I think about how much money I spent on producing my portfolio as a student, it probably amounted to more than the price of this book and didn’t look half as good! Obviously it would take a lot of time to craft and perfect because you wouldn’t be able to re-order the pages, but it would be a brilliant investment.

And the pages are so thick!

All paper-ed out (new technical term there), we headed back into the exhibition where I found Soof and her friend Jess. It was SO busy by this point, and I swear I spotted Neville Brody but Jake told me I was wrong.

We then discovered that Soof is actually Harry Styles wearing glasses as a disguise…

… but shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone.

After too much excitement for one night, we decided it was time to head off.

I had such a great time at BLISTERS: Sound Sessions 2014 – thank you so much to Print Club London and Romain for inviting me! The prints were amazing and I’m pretty sure they will all be sold out now – what a brilliant night! If you ever get the chance to go to a Print Club London exhibition take it because these guys are so skilled and bring affordable, original prints to regular Joes like you and me. I really miss screen printing – it’s an art form! I hope that I’ll be able to get my hands dirty again sometime soon.


  • unsubscriber

    14/09/2014 at 7:16 pm

    Looks like you had a fantastic time, good to see you looking so well again too!

      • Helen

        22/09/2014 at 8:45 am

        You really do have a great time it looks so good wicked venue.If its a music venue talk to Jake i could see his band loving it in there,he performed at an art gallery a few weeks ago.

  • Millers Avenue

    15/09/2014 at 4:07 pm

    Thank you for an amazing write up , glad you enjoyed. If your readers missed the show, we have re-hung it in our little gallery in Dalston, Unit 4 Millers Ave, open monday to friday 9am – 6 pm . also the prints have just gone online at . Hope you like them!

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