London Design Festival: Graphics Weekend – Part 2

And on Sunday it was back to the V&A for LDF Graphics Weekend Day 2!

After a jam-packed Saturday, we wandered the building to see some of the exhibitions and installations dotted around as part of the festival:

The protest posters exhibition was really interesting, especially as the posters were arranged in date order so it was great to see how the development of technology has changed protesting.

Tucked away in the tapestries room we found Candela – a spinning, glowing disc.

In the V&A’s tunnel entrance it was all about being bright with the Carousel Wall, a collaboration by David David studio and Johnson Tiles. (It makes a lovely background if you ask me!)

After getting lost in one of the V&A’s exhibitions (theatre props, costumes and promotional posters boasting some lovely letterpress!), we made our way to Sarah Hyndman’s Type Tasting talk/workshop. I have been following Sarah’s work for a little while now and love how fun and interesting her experiments are. For non-designers, typography is just words and although they can see the differences between some fonts, they don’t know their Helvetica from their Arial.

With Type Tasting, Sarah is looking at the ways that typography affects us – our tastes, feels and buying habits. Can a font really make a difference? Well, all designers will know that type matters, so I was excited to take part in Sarah’s experiments:

Students take note: Did you know that essays set in Georgia receive a higher grade average? (Well, according to Paul Renaud.)

Some of Sarah’s presentation was quite basic in the eyes of a designer. Graphic Design is a lot more than making things look pretty – we are intelligent people that need to understand people(and some psychology). We have been ‘trained’ to look, recognise, analyse and remember – colours, fonts, images. But for your everyday Joe, those things aren’t obvious so I think Sarah did a great job in explaining everything.

All is fair in love and fonts, so we played Sarah’s type dating game (which I had already played online):

The findings might not be of interest to some people, but as a bit of a data geek I found it really interesting.

And the fun didn’t end there, there was jelly beans…

… and 3D glasses! Oh and a take-away experiment too:

I opted to have my results sent to me, so I can’t wait to get them back and find out what they mean.

Overall my first London Design Week experience has been great so far – I’m hoping to catch a few more things before it ends. I just wish I could be in more than one place at a time – too many good events, so little time. Graphics Weekend is over, but there are still a lot of cool things happening so if you’re around London make sure you join in! I’m hoping to pop into Dan Tobin Smith’s Kipple exhibition – who wants to come?

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