What do you do when Fanta send you a wooden crate of challenges? Accept them of course! You guys know that I love being creative and it’s not just limited to sketching and design. Ideas make the world go round, so with this in mind Nadia, Lucy & I headed to the Olympic Park in Stratford for an afternoon of orange giggles…


And it seemed like the Olympic Park was really getting into the Fanta spirit…


… are those Fanta coloured flowers? Yes they are!


#Fanta100 is dedicated to a summer of fun with your friends. By undertaking challenges set by Fanta, you’ll get to experience the weird ;#43 Squish an ice cream on your forehead like a unicorn, #49 Shower fully dressed, #30 Pillow fight in public, and the wonderful #97 See the sunrise with friends. How brave are you feeling?

So which challenges did Fanta set us?

Challenge #51 – selfie with raining confetti. I was really excited about this one!
Ok so we’ve got 3 brains, an iPhone and a confetti cannon – what could go wrong?


Well the confetti cannon popped and the confetti floated away, far away from us and onto a couple who were laying down over the hill from us. They seemed to love it! I can imagine it was quite surreal but lovely to experience.



So unfortunately that was a bit of a fail 🙁 But still in our crate: a rubber duck and 3 bottles of Fanta.

Challenge #23: Duckface next to a duck:


Sadly we found no real ducks in the Olympic Park, but Robert the rubber duck was on hand. The first and (hopefully) last time that is going to happen! I’m not really into selfies, but it was quite funny and we all looked like idiots together – that’s what friends are for! 🙂

Challenge #11: Make your Fanta huge:


That ArcelorMittal Orbit is pretty big you know, and at 114.5 metres it’s the tallest sculpture in the UK! Imagine a bottle of Fanta that tall. It probably would have been enough Fanta to quench the thirst of all of the 2012 olympians? I guess we’ll never know…

After all that modelling, I let my Fanta cool off in the fountains:


Thank you to Fanta for sending me the crate of fun. It was nice a nice change to spend an afternoon just being silly – life has been so serious now that I’m a proper adult with a job and paying bills etc. The Olympic Park is massive with some really lovely areas – if you’ve not visited yet grab those last days of sun and explore it.

Did you take part in any of the #Fanta100 challenges? Share your photos with me!


P.S. I’m really craving a Fanta Fruit Twist now – it’s my fave!
P.P.S. I was sent the crate by Fanta for free but it was my choice to undertake the challenges and all opinions are my own. I wouldn’t write about a product that I don’t like – what’s not to like about Fanta 😉

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