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Last night I was very excited to attended the Cosmo Blog Awards 2014. Graphique Fantastique was shortlisted for ‘Best Careers Blog’ which I was so pleased about, especially when Cosmo revealed that around 47,000 blogs entered – WOW! I feel so lucky to have support from you guys – I couldn’t have done it without you!


(Charli, Sara and Jake showing some support on snapchat)

As a ‘design blogger’? (I don’t really know what you would ‘class’ me as? ha)  I don’t really get invited to ‘blogger events’ and with 100 odd fashion bloggers going to be there the pressure was on to fit in with the fash pack. Also, I don’t know anything about fashion or make up. I enjoy reading a lot of different blogs but when it comes to that kind of thing I haven’t got a clue – I don’t even wear foundation, guys! And if that wasn’t scary enough, there was also the thought of going to a packed event on my own where everybody else knows each other. Luckily I wasn’t on my own with this feeling and group of girls arranged to meet beforehand for a drink.

After waking up with a big red spot on my nose so the day was off to a great start – NOT! Ha Clueless when it comes to make-up, I made a plea for help at the Benefit counter in Boots. The rest of the day needed to run smoothly – I had booked myself in at Hersheson’s (who we work with at my studio, gpstudio) Blow Dry Bar in Topshop on Oxford Street at 4 and was meeting the girls at Waterloo at 5. Not wanting to walk around Oxford Circus in my glitzy outfit, I got changed in Topshop’s toilet (glam, I know) and then was transformed at the Blow Dry Bar:


With my hair done, wearing a sequinned playsuit that I had found on sale in Miss Selfridge (£99 down to £25!?) and my killer (but actually really comfy) New Look heels I was feeling $1million and ready to party! Got to admit, I didn’t realise my outfit was so ‘booby’ and I’m usually covered up but if you’ve got it, flaunt it I guess…

I met the girls at Waterloo and we headed towards the OXO tower, nipping into a bar for a quick drink along the way to settle our nerves. All of them were honestly so lovely and considering we were all strangers there wasn’t an awkward moment or silence! We were nominated in a range of categories from Best Interior Blog to Best International Fashion Blog, so it was a lovely mix and great to be able to support each other in all of the different categories. I had my first vlogging experience too, as Katie from Miss Enchanting was vlogging the evening! We walked along the river, asking a few tourists to take group photos and then we could see the stairs:



Once in the venue we were straight to the bar. Hosted by Liquid Chefs, there was a selection of Pinky Vodka cocktails to choose from. I went for a Cosmo, because you can’t not have a Cosmo at the Cosmo’s can you?



Abi and Abi taking outfit shots next to the Cosmo wall.

Despite being a blogger, I actually don’t like having my photo taken. I just don’t know how to pose or make myself look thin (I always forget shoulders back etc) and I’m a lot more comfortable behind the camera, taking photos. Until recently I hated the way I looked but post-op (read more here) and with a cocktail in me I was starting to feel a bit more confident…


Look at that guys… I’m posing! And with the lovely ladies that I partied with:


Vic of I Heart Fashion, Katie of Miss Enchanting, Abi of Kemples, Farah of Faz Fashion Diary, Abi of Abigail Alice and Moi! (We had also met up with June of Nostalgeicat but we’d lost her for this photo!)

So after an hour or so of mingling, chatting and drinking we went into the ceremony room. It was really long and thin which wasn’t really ideal for bloggers collecting awards in heels and meant that we couldn’t really see anything either.


Cosmo Blog Awards 2014-2
Abi of Kemples, Abi of Abigail Alice, Moi, Farah of Faz Fashion Diary, Katie of Miss Enchating, Vic of I Heart Fashion and Cassie of Cassie Fairy (Photo courtesy of Cassie Fairy)


And in a flash, the seats were empty and the awards were over! Graphique Fantastique didn’t win ‘Best Careers Blog’ unfortunately, and none of the other lovely girls that I was with won their categories either which was a bit of a bummer but we were all just happy to be shortlisted really! And with the announcements out of the way we were able to let our hair down and enjoy ourselves properly – we had all been feeling sick with nerves before hand!


Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2014-19
Vic of I Heart Fashion, Cassie of Cassie Fairy & Moi! (Photo courtesy of Cassie Fairy)

It was lovely to bump into a few familiar faces from the UKBA – Cassie of Cassie Fairy and her man (who started Zoella appearance rumours!), Rachel of Handbags and Cupcakes (with Ambi of Bombay Rose) and Katie of Scarphelia (with Sam of Nashbag)…


And it was Katie’s Birthday too! I spotted her getting a Spice Girls-esque temporary tattoo courtesy of Seekers of Sun


Amazing foil temporary tattoos – I had to get one too…

(Photo courtesy of Vic of I Heart Fashion)

Just like those temporary tattoos that you got free in sweets when we were young, all it takes is a bit of water to apply these tattoos and voila! Instant glamour – great for festivals and holidays in the sun. Also demonstrating at the awards was IZ Beauty with their nail wraps and stickers. Abi got some lovely monochrome chevrons on top of her blue nails:



And as a triangle lover, I opted for those too. So quick and easy to apply – what a great idea! Posing is hard work, and so it was time to nibble on the selection of treats on offer:


Halloumi and butternut squash or mini steak and chips…


…Abi and Vic approved of those!

And for afters? A cute Next(sponsors of the Awards) cookie-pop which tasted so great!


It started to quieten down then as people were starting to head home, but as I was meeting my boyfriend after he finished work (at 10.30pm) I wasn’t in a hurry to get anywhere so stayed for more posing with the Birthday Girl:



And chatting to the lovely Ebunola (who is the first person to ever recognise me from my blog! I’m famous now ha) and Matt from Gorkana – who actually ended up singing Happy Birthday to Katie in a grand fashion (watch it here).

It was time to leave then – I grabbed a goody bag (which is actually AMAZING! I will use everything inside it… except the e-cigarette!) and headed out into the darkness:



London is a beautiful city in the dark!

So I didn’t win, but I still had an amazing night. The girls I met were so lovely and totally made my night – I don’t know what I would have done without them! Everyone looked amazing – so much planning and effort had gone into the hairstyles, nails and tans. Congratulations to all of the winning and highly commended blogs, but also congratulations to all of the shortlisted bloggers. We didn’t win, but what an achievement! I’m so proud of what Graphique Fantastique has achieved, in the past year especially. I’m going to keep doing and blogging about what I enjoy and I hope you all enjoy it too.

Thank you again for all of your support as it means so much to me. Hopefully Graphique Fantastique will continue to grow and more opportunities will arise – fingers crossed, hey?



  • Lauryn

    09/10/2014 at 6:41 pm

    It looks like you had a wonderful evening! Congratulations on getting shortlisted:)xo

  • Suzy Marie

    11/10/2014 at 4:54 pm

    Ahhh sorry you didn’t win, but well done for getting shortlisted out of that many blogs!!! You looked absolutely amazing by the way – love the playsuit and THOSE SHOES. Gorgeous <3 Glad you had such a great time 🙂 xx

    • Natasha Nuttall

      13/10/2014 at 11:56 pm

      Thanks Suzy – aww, you’re making me blush! I had such a great time and met the loveliest girls so it was totally worth it 🙂 xx

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