Moniker Art Fair/ The Other Art Fair 2014

On Thursday night I was invited to the private view of this year’s Moniker Art Fair and The Other Art Fair. After work I made my way to The Old Truman Brewery and it was buzzing – it was so busy! I couldn’t stay for long but what I did see was great and made me want to go back again at the weekend when I had more time (and space) to look. So with my photographer on hand (Jack) I popped back to explore further:



Moniker Art Fair is all about celebrating contemporary art: from illustration and graffiti to collage and 3D pieces, there was so much variety! I wouldn’t even know where to begin to pick a favourite piece, but here a few things that caught my eye:


Jack (a Lego lover) appreciated Ego Leonard‘s oversized Lego figures


Living life on the edge… I put my head in a box (there’s an animation playing inside it) and walked into a crimescene…



These striking grenades made from money by Justine Smith caught my eye, and then I was drawn to the smell of ink:


THE ALIENS ARE COMING! There were beautiful prints a plenty (some hot off the press) at the Charming Baker mini print studio:


I loved this wall featuring prints and light up quotes by Smithson. Harder! Faster! Louder! Go hard or go home! And just incase you didn’t know… Leisure isn’t working, guys.



My triangle radar was beeping like mad when I walked past these hand painted beauties by Carl Cashman. I then turned around to see a familiar keyboard:


I met Keira Rathbone’s typewriter recently at my Uni tutor Barrie’s talk at St Brides Library (which I’m yet to post about – oops! Soon, I promise Barrie!). You know how you can draw with pencils and pens? Well Keira draws with a typewriter – it’s quite special to see her doing it live so if you ever get the opportunity, take it. A talented lady:


David Shillinglaw’s 8ft high by 50ft wide wall is bursting with character:

IMG_7760 IMG_7764

So many quirky details – this 100% proof Love potion made me smile.


So that was one half of the building… what’s happening in the other half?


The biggest edition yet of The Other Art Fair! With a focus on emerging talent, The Other Art Fair gives creatives an opportunity of exposure, and a platform to sell and grow their talents. With almost 150 artists, there was a lot to take in so again here is only a snippet.

There was more neon from Rococo Wonderland (whose work I’m quite familiar with as I follow her on instagram):



And the bright colours didn’t end there, with these calorific junk food layered graffiti pieces by Super Eliot. I posted the doughnut on my instagram and it’s the most liked image on my feed – you guys have got sweet tooths!

Orson Kartt’s humorous pieces put a smile on my face – especially Poundland (bottom left).


And to finish… never forget the little people:


Miniature art photography playing on the illusion of scale by Roy’s People. Cute!

Phew. And breathe! So much talent in one room – it was inspiring. The fairs had attracted a great crowd – both times I visited there was a queue to get in and inside it was totally packed. And you can visit too! Are you in London tomorrow (Sunday 19th October) – it’s the last day! Get yourself down to The Old Truman Brewery (East London) for these fairs and a variety of live installations – see the programme. From 11am – 6pm, for less than £10 you get entry into TWO art fairs and can see the future of creative talent from around the world.

Have you been to Moniker/The Other Art Fair? What did you think? Let me know your favourite pieces in the comments!


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