Kinetica Art Fair 2014

Also at The Old Truman Brewery this weekend, an Art Fair for the future: Kinetica Art Fair. Again, I attended the PV on Thursday night and then popped back with Jack on Saturday to see more/take more photos.



It looked interesting from outside and inside, it certainly was:


There was a lot of weird and wonderful things to see using lights, mirrors, illusions, magnets, moving parts and motion sensors.




I found ‘Espaces chromatiques Rectangles en position’ by Gregorio Vardenega to be quite mesmerising. It’s just paper with shapes cut out and sequenced lighting but it’s very clever. And I was amazed to discover that it was produced in 1966-68 because I always think of interactive pieces being a post-2000 thing.

My favourite pieces on display were the Geometria Emocional series courtesy of José Manuel Gonzalez:


Hand painted geometric patterns on layered panels of perspex and lit on sequences. They are amazing! I want one of these beauties for my room and there’s even a sound activated version – imagine playing music to it! For a video see my instagram feed



Another graphic series that impressed was Pure Holography by Inaki Beguiristain. These amazing holographic pieces are really striking and people kept walking back and forth to watch the changes.



Jack & I agreed that the telephone was the best piece because of the contrast – the frame went from black to showing the bright orange phone.

Another thing that really impressed Jack were the mechanical flipbooks:


Hours of entertainment!

Then we headed into the darkness – a different section of the fair. Here I bumped into a couple of familiar names from my time as an intern at Frequency Festival in Lincoln last October. The first being Trope, who had emailed me to let me know about Kinetica (thanks guys). They were showing their ‘Dandelion’ piece which offered the experience of blowing on a digital dandelion. Their work always amazes me as it is a full experience with sound and smells.



I also found Threshold (the organisers of Frequency Festival) showing a 3D version of the JFK assassination which Jack (as a JFK fan) loved! It was great to see and chat to Sam, Kristy and Uzma a year on from my internship and they’re planning for Frequency 2015 now!


And then I was drawn to the blue lights:



Some really cool spinning lines of light – they create some beautiful shapes don’t they? And finally, this blue spinning hoop which was quite weird to walk into and have it spin around you – dizzy!


I really enjoyed walking around Kinetica – I felt a bit like a kid in a sweet shop because everywhere that I turned was something amazing that made me think ‘wow’! It’s the last day of the festival today, closing at 6pm so as I write this there’s still a few hours left for you to get down to East London and experience it all for yourself.

Or maybe you already popped into Kinetica? What did you discover – I’d love to hear about your experience!


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