When I heard about the Anthony Nolan* ‘Kindest of Stranger’ campaign I instantly loved the idea. Basically the idea is to spread love by talking about good deeds – either something you’ve done for a stranger or a stranger has done for you – watch the Anthony Nolan video with some inspiring stories here. Going out of your way to do something good for someone is such a great feeling for both the good do-er and the lucky recipient. I can’t say that I’ve ever done anything that deserves a huge amount of praise, just the little things like giving up my seat for the elderly or helping people with directions (if I know where I am! ha) but every little helps, hey?


To get involved with raising awareness about good deeds and Anthony Nolan’s work as a blood cancer charity and bone marrow register, I am sharing my good deed experiences. It’s the first ‘vlog’/talking video I’ve ever done (so sorry if I’m awkward ha) but it’s just 1 min 47 so not too much rambling, I promise!

So did you enjoy hearing about my good deeds? That is the first vlog style video I’ve ever filmed and it took over 20 takes so apologies if I seem a bit awkward – it’s really weird talking into a camera!

So now it’s your turn to get involved – share your good deeds! Either leave them in the comments below or tweet me and don’t forget to use #ThankYouStranger too.


  • This post is sponsored by Anthony Nolan to raise awareness of their ‘Kindest of Stranger’ campaign, to celebrate the brilliant work they do to beat blood cancer and sharing stories of good deeds happening in everyday life *

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