Christmas come early: Print Club London x Farrow & Ball

Last night I was invited to the Print Club London studio for a spot of screen printing. PCL have collaborated with Farrow & Ball and 3 artists to produce some beautiful prints for the festive season.


Prints by Lucille Clerc, Clare Halifax and Chris Andrews


With the artists and Print Club London guys on hand we were able to get our hands messy and print. I think the last time I screen printed was with Anthony Burrill (la de da, right?) but prior to that it over 2 years ago at University. After graduating I have met students from other Unis and I feel quite lucky to have had the opportunity and facilities to screen print – keeping traditional print methods alive is so important! Thankfully Lincoln celebrates letterpress and silk screen printing, and I have fond memories of undertaking an ambitious 4 colour print job in my 2nd year (and it turned out great somehow).

Tonight was thankfully not as stressful – in fact it was very chilled with wine, pizza and friendly people. I was a bit worried about attending as a loner but everyone was very chatty and interested in the printing process. After an introduction into how screens are prepped for printing, we were let loose:



I started with Clare’s print – a delicate sketch of St Paul’s surrounding by swallows:



After a conversation about how I have the same ‘crocodile eyes’ as a cat called Oliver (just call me Olive from now on?)and a few squeegee attempts, eventually a clear print was achieved! The artists make it look easy but the 45 degree angle and a smooth swipe is important for a clean print with no ‘shadows’.

Printing just behind Clare was Lucille, who had mixed 2 colours creating a beautiful gradient:

IMG_8481 IMG_8484 IMG_8487

Gorgeous, no?

Farrow & Ball are well known for their paints, usually used to transform homes, but their brilliant range of colours (check out these Pinterest worthy Christmas tips) means that mixed with some screen printing medium they bring a new edge to the studio table:




(I love how each station has a name – Cockney Badger!)

Last but not least, I hopped over to Chris’ screen to print his simplistic bird on a brush:

IMG_8493    IMG_8525

So cute! I think it would look even better if there had been time to print 2 colours with this design – red paint on the brush maybe? What do you think?

With all of the printing fun over it was time to claim our handiwork from the drying racks…


… and get them signed by the artists themselves too. Thank you so much to Print Club London for inviting me! I had a lovely evening and enjoyed meeting the Farrow & Ball team and my fellow printers – what a great bunch! Also must mention the PCL tea towel in our little goody bags  that reads ‘Dirty is the new clean!’ Saucy!

I wish I had more time/opportunities to get my hands messy in a print studio because it’s so satisfying! The process, the paint and the finished prints – maybe I should be a print technician when I’m ‘retired’? Have you got the bug after reading this post? Print Club London offer workshops and studio time – find more info on their website.

Oh and top stalker points to Soof who was quick to let me know that I had been ‘papped’ on the PCL instagram 🙂


Thinking about going to a session now? A workshop would make a great festive gift for a creative loved one – Nikki from Style&Influence recently blogged about one! What is your experience of screen printing? I’d love to see what you produced so please share in the comments 🙂


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