Xmas Craft Challenge with Emmi


So I braved Black Friday, bought the presents and wrapped them all in handmade paper… I think I’m doing pretty well considering it’s still only the first week of December! But still, operation get into the festive spirit continues and so when Emmi challenged me to be creative with some of their CAFFÈ LATTE cups I saw it as the perfect opportunity to take it up a notch. With Christmas songs playing in the background, there was one question in my head: ‘Why is one of Santa’s reindeer called Cupid?’ (Jokes, but actually why – I thought Cupid is a Valentines thing?) ‘What can you make from some plastic cups?’

Well, with some photos of my housemates and sprinkle of imagination…

IMG_0609IMG_0626 IMG_0636

I cut some wing shapes from cardboard and then used the foil lids from the coffee in a collage style to cover the wings. With the wings all nice and shiny, I removed the plastic wrap from each cup…

IMG_0640 IMG_0648

To decorate the bodies I used some off-cuts of some nice textured paper and card in gold and silver. I cut them into varying strips to create stripes and then glued them into place. Almost finished I glued the face and wings into place…

IMG_0651 IMG_0679

… and then it was time to add the finishing touch – the halo! For my halos I bent 4 large white paper clips into shape and using a scalpel, carefully pierced a small hole in the bottom of the cups.

IMG_0680 IMG_0682 IMG_0684

Poke the halo through the hole and… Ta-dah! 4 angels created from and for next to nothing! You’ll notice that Nadia is taking a selfie in her sunglasses… well, these are 21st century angels! I’m pretty happy with how these turned out and the girls love them too. They’re cheesy and fun – the basic principles of Christmas, no?


But I didn’t stop there… 20 coffees later (don’t worry, everyone at work to helped me drink them all) with a sharpie, scalpel and star shaped template to hand I had an idea:

IMG_0693 IMG_0695 IMG_0696 IMG_0700 IMG_0701

After drawing around the template, carefully cutting the shape out and removing the plastic wrap from the cups, I pierced holes in the bottoms and poked some LED lights in. Hung above my desk they actually look quite good and even projected star shapes onto my walls!


So that is what you can make from some plastic cups. Do I feel festive yet? A little bit actually! Our tree or decorations are not up just yet but I think they will be soon…

What would you make from the cups? I saw another blogger had made an advent calendar which I thought was a cute idea. Set yourself a crafty challenge this Christmas and see what you can come up with. I rarely get time for craft nowadays, but it amazes me that my most popular blog post is still the 3D letters tutorial from 2011. Obviously you guys love being crafty, so I hope you liked this post too. Let me know what you thought…



  • This post is in collaboration with Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE promoting their ice cold coffees in chilly weather.*


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