Joseph Kosuth @ Sprüth Magers

I know what you’re thinking – MORE neon!? I’m like a magpie to anything neon, so any excuse to visit the Sprüth Magers gallery to support my housemate Lucy’s neon project. She’s on a mission to photograph every piece of neon in London, so feel free to help her out by sharing any neon that you’ve spotted with me in the comments or via twitter!

I’d read about the Kosuth exhibition in Time Out and with it coming to an end, Lucy, Jack & I decided that it was time to finally check it out for ourselves:



The exhibition showcases neon pieces by Joseph Kosuth produced between 1965 and 2011. The space (three rooms) is decorated with neon words and phrases, many of which make no sense. Kosuth studied art, alongside philosophy (which clearly influenced these pieces), and believed that art has something to teach us.



‘A work of art is a kind of proposition, what it says is transformed by what it shows.’

Although some of it was a tad hard to read, the glowing words were mesmerising and thought provoking – ‘what does it mean?’. I have seen neon type plenty of times, but what I found really interesting were the sketches and shapes – rough and imperfect but encased in neon forever!





We were lucky to catch the exhibition on its last day, so unfortunately you guys can’t visit it in person (I’m sure you’ll find more photos if have a look on google/instagram) but keep an eye out for more weird and wonderful exhibitions at Sprüth Magers in the meantime.


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