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Yesterday I was browsing twitter on my lunch when I saw this tweet:

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I was intrigued – I love reading about the opinions and experiences of other creatives. Graphic Designers are (usually)ambitious and determined individuals who have been working towards a series of career goals – college, University, graduation, internships, the first job, the first promotion etc. We are thinkers – always questioning, reflecting on choices and advising so I was interested to see the context of Q5:

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Are you a Graphic Design student, intern, full-time/part time employee/freelancer/owner of a studio/agency or educator in the UK or US? GraphicDesign& needs you!

The survey is a range of questions about views, expectations and the reality in your design career – all you have to do is answer honestly. The results will be collected, analysed and collated into a book which is available to pre-order for a discounted price as a survey participant (I pre-ordered my copy!).

GraphicDesign& Survey

Why should you spend 5-20 mins of your life answering this survey? 

We all know that our industry is changing, whether that be due to technology or trends, but do we know how? Did you know that the stereotypical image of a Graphic Designer is a middle aged male? What about the younger, the older and the females? We spend all day analysing and problem solving for other people, but sometimes it’s great for us to take a step back and assess our own situation.

Internships. Education. Gender proportions. Job satisfaction. Awards. Expectations. Dreams. This survey has it all so go wild – don’t hold back! Answer that survey NOW.


Answer: Duh. What Graphic Designer isn’t obsessed with the subject? It’s in our job title.

Let me know if you fill in the survey and if you’re as excited for the results as I am… 🙂


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