Business As Usual @ The Book Club

At the weekend there was an unintentional ‘Lincoln meet-up’. I spent Saturday walking around Shoreditch in the beautiful sunshine (in a massive coat – WHY!?) with Jack, Sophie, Sara and Rebecca (who was visiting Sara for the weekend). The first place on our list was the Business as usual exhibition at The Book Club. Sophie is a keen sign painter herself, so was keen to check out her ‘competition’, and the rest of us all just love typography… anyway as Graphic Designers we don’t need an excuse, right?


What we found inside wasn’t the expected/’traditional’ exhibition set up, but a room decorated with some amazingly detailed signage. From golden and grand…

IMG_1020 copy


… to colourful and humorous – the amount of hard work and attention to detail was very obvious. Sign painting is said to be a ‘dying art form’ nowadays, but it’s a skill which dates back centuries. It’s now known as a traditional skill which can take years to learn/perfect and hours/days to craft one piece.

We decided to stay for some drinks, chit chat & to enjoy the pieces for a bit longer:

IMG_1021 copyIMG_1039IMG_1041IMG_1034IMG_1022 copyIMG_1025

The exhibition opened in February but is running until the 12th April, so if you want to see these works of art and more, get yourself to The Book Club for a coffee or maybe something a bit stronger…


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