Totes Amaze: Print isn’t dead


Happy Friday!

Just wanted to share my new favourite tote bag with you guys – you all know that I’m definitely not a fashion blogger as I am SO awkward in front of the camera, but I couldn’t resist. I won this beaut at last week’s Printout print special talk after I asked a question in the Q&A and have been in love with it ever since. It looks good; bold and typographic, and is great news for the environment too – I always get my green points at Tesco/Sainsburys!

From the guys at People of Print, unfortunately they’re not currently available to buy, although I think they totally should be as it’s a great conversation starter – I discussed the future of print 3 times last week after people asked about my tote.


As a girl that likes to be prepared for ‘anything’ I’m rarely seen without my tote bag carrying an umbrella, bottle of water and magazine (probably Time Out)… just incase!

Are you a prepared Percy like me? Do you have a favourite tote bag & if so, what do you carry in it?


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