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It’s a last minute decision, but I am joining #the100dayproject – tipped over the edge by Sophie from The private life of a girl.

#the100dayproject, #100daysoftriangles, triangles

Created by Elle Luna, #the100dayproject is a challenge running via instagram encouraging people to make/create/draw/do something for 100 days straight and share it. Read all about it on The Great Discontent – including reasoning, instructions and inspiration.

Today, Monday 6th April, is day #1 (I’m cutting it fine) and day #100 will be Tuesday 14th July. But it’s not restricted to those dates so for anyone who wants to join in along the way, feel free!

Recently I have found myself missing triangles. I had considered bringing back #TriFri but right now I feel like this is the best way to showcase my triangle love. For the next 100 days I’m going to be bringing you #100daysoftriangles – who’s excited?

#the100dayproject, #100daysoftriangles, triangles

I hope you will all enjoy and join me on my triangle challenge via instagram @natasha_nuttall and my unique #100daysoftriangles hashtag. If I’m organised enough I will try to blog a weekly roundup of the challenge progress, although I’m not making any promises!

So, what’s number 1?

#the100dayproject, #100daysoftriangles, #triangles

I kept it simple.

Don’t forget – #100daysoftriangles 🙂


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