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I can’t believe that it’s been a whole year since the first UK Blog Awards – it feels like only yesterday!

Back in November I asked you guys to #BeBold and vote for me in the Arts & Culture category. Thanks to you guys I made the top 10 and Graphique Fantastique’s fate was put into the hands of the Judges, Sarah Madden and Bee Barker.

With the awards night fast approaching I’ll admit that I was unsure whether to buy a ticket or not. The thoughts in my mind went something a bit like this: ‘Tickets are pretty expensive and then there’s a new outfit on top of that. I know that I’m in a different category this time but don’t think I can win again after winning last year. I don’t want to go on my own and I don’t really know anyone going. BUT I would regret not going if I won/ would be annoyed if I had attended, didn’t win and the winner didn’t bother to show up. I could meet some cool people. It’s still a lot of money though ‘

You have to admit, the odds of me winning again were pretty slim and as someone who doesn’t earn money from my blog £65 is a lot to spend. With my whimsical ‘what if’ head on, I reached out to a few other finalists to see what their feeling was. In the end I decided to attend – the ‘what if’s got the better of me and I found myself in Wonderland…


(BTW I didn’t take very many photos at all, so this is quite a word heavy post, sorry!)
I arranged to meet up with Caitlin from I’m a Damn Student, winner of the Events category 2014, and hoped to bump into Annie Byrne, winner of Most Innovative 2014, Catherine from Not Dressed As Lamb and Annie from The Tales of Annie Bean. Managing to grab a glass of bubbly this year, Caitlin, Annie, Emma, Jamie, Annie & I toasted to last years successes and the prospect of more!



We sampled some food, spoke to a few of the judges and then it was time to sit down for the awards. There was just enough time for Caitlin, myself & Annie to take a selfie stick selfie 🙂

With the awards being announced in alphabetical order, I knew that Arts & Culture was first up and I felt a bit sick with nerves/excitement. The host read through the finalists, the girls gave me a loud cheer and I was very surprised to see the next slide…

11134014_965227616823853_8567477112096884145_o(Photo thanks to Zarina from Dutch Girl in London, as mine was a blurry mess from all of the shaking!)

Graphique Fantatsique had been Highly Commended alongside Hooked Blog, a brilliant blog about Street Art that has been running since 2005! I was pretty chuffed with that. As I said before, I thought that the chances of me winning were pretty slim, so to be Highly Commended was pretty amazing!

But for me, what really made the night special were the people. I got to catch up with familiar and meet new faces including Greg from Strat Talking/Great Drams, Zarina from Dutch Girl in London, Matt and Ebun from Gorkana, Alice from Fairy Blog Mother and Gareth from StressFreePrint (who printed my business cards). Most of all, I had a wonderful time with these very special ladies (Caitlin and Annie):



We even snuck into the rest of the Montcalm Hotel to take some outfit photos for Annie, like proper bloggers 🙂

So what’s next? With my UKBA win (Best Young Persons Blog 2014) and Highly Recommended (Arts & Culture Blog 2015) as well as being a Best Careers Blog finalist at the Cosmo Blog Awards 2014, I think I’ve just about achieved all that I can with blog awards. So I think I’ve decided that I’m going to quit whilst I’m ahead! Entering, attending and winning blog awards has really changed the way I think and feel about blogging – I take it a lot more seriously now (but not too seriously!) and I’ve been lucky to have opportunities thrown my way, but the best thing for me though has been the people. It’s not very often that I get to go to a blogging event due to the nature of the blog, but when I do and I know people via the blog awards it is so lovely!

Thanks again for all of your support throughout the blog awards processes. Have you entered a blog awards? Have you been keeping up to date with the UK Blog Awards? Which blogs did you want to win?



  • Suzy Marie

    26/04/2015 at 2:36 pm

    Yayyyy so glad you won again 🙂 Well done, girly. I thought about you, Caitlin, and both Annie’s and had a little pout that I wasn’t able to be there and share the night with you. Glad you all did so well, you’re all superstars 🙂

    • Natasha Nuttall

      28/04/2015 at 8:08 am

      Thanks so much lovely 🙂 We missed you on the night – it wasn’t the same without you! We couldn’t believe it really ha xx

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