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After attending in 2013 & 2014, 2015 was to be my third year at the graphic arts festival, Pick Me Up. In the past I’ve been at the weekend which means it’s massively busy but this year I booked a ticket for the opening day’s evening with Sophie, Kev and Paul (Sophie’s colleagues from Premm design).


So, to get in the Pick Me Up spirit, I picked Sophie up… it just had to be done!

Each year the festival changes slightly to showcase different types of graphic & illustration talent, and this year selected by an industry panel Pick Me Up Selects 2015 features international rising stars. I really loved Thomas Lamadieu’s fun illustrations using the sky space above buildings…



… as well as Peter Judson’s amazing piece based on Somerset House, featuring these triangular staircases.

New to Pick Me Up was a section for the artists to show the process behind their work, sharing sketches, models and the development of the pieces displayed.


Moving upstairs, we were greeted by this cardboard teepee:



I was drawn to the smell of ink and the sight of a printing press, so headed over to the Sope x GF Smith collaboration… and may have purchased a print of my own (a post on this to follow).

After geeking out about letters and patterns, my attention was diverted to Gelatology, a workshop by Studio Fludd:


ALL OF THE TRIANGLE GOODNESS! Patterns and shapes that are good enough to eat 🙂



Along the hall, Lazy Oaf transported us into their Oafy world of pastel colours and clashing patterns. As Gemma, founder, mentioned at the YCN talk I attended the other month L.O. had collaborated with illustrators to create a range of clothing.



We took the opportunity to get creative with some scratchy sticks and special coated rainbow paper thanks to Blink Art. Sophie went down the typographic route, whilst I tried my hand at an improv triangle pattern which wasn’t easy… after all, I’m a girl who finds it hard to make the first mark in a new sketchbook.



We also stumbled across the filming of some of Pick Me Up TV – a cake decorating competition.

There seemed to be a different vibe at Pick Me Up this year – less studios with more space each and the opportunity for free interactive workshops. I really enjoyed myself and would definitely recommend booking tickets and popping into Somerset House before the 4th of May.

Did you visit Pick Me Up at the weekend? What was your favourite piece of work/collective? Did you LOL at the photo of me picking Sophie up? (You’re rubbish if you didn’t) Let me know 🙂


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