Sope x GF Smith @ Pick Me Up 2015


So this is my second post on Pick Me Up 2015. Oh look, it’s Sophie & I doing a sensible photo 🙂  As I explained in my overall Pick Me Up post, I was drawn to the smell of ink and the sight of a printing press. What I discovered was that Sope, a creative studio, were offering the chance to print your own unique print.


So how does it work? You pick a pattern print from the wall as well as a plate from the hanging grid and the guys will print it for you (onto GF Smith paper). Sope have worked together with some of the best creatives to create these patterns by Clay Hickson, Kyle Platts, Kate Copeland, David Wolske, The Print Project, Owen Gildersleeve, Anna Lomax and Malika Favre.

I chose this metallic silver brush stroke pattern (which I think is by Kate Copeland?) and an N plate (by Thomas Mayo) – a good contrast of fluid and angular I thought.


The guys at Sope set the press up, turn the handle…

IMG_1808 IMG_1809

… et voila! You’ve got your own unique print! There are so many different combinations of plates and patterns, and for just £5 I think this is such a bargain! You just print it, leave it to dry whilst you enjoy the rest of Pick Me Up and then collect it before you leave – simple.

The guys have even been keeping a record of every print and posting them on Instagram @sopeinc – check it out! I think I spotted mine #65…

Screen shot 2015-04-27 at 08.03.06


It would make a great gift, or just a present to yourself – can’t go wrong for a fiver! Thanks Sope 🙂

What do you think to this idea? Are you going to pop into Pick Me Up and print your own? Maybe you already did – can you spot it on the feed? Let me know!


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