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A little birdy(twitter) told me last week that something juicy and typographic was coming to Shoreditch; Gordon Young’s Comedy Carpet off-cuts. Lucy, Jack, my sister Sophie & I popped in at the weekend to see if all of the tweeting was true…


I haven’t made it to Blackpool to see the carpet for myself yet but it looks and sounds amazing; 160,000 granite letters embedded into concrete. A 1,720 square metre space, the granite carpet showcases Blackpool’s rich comedy history and is not only a great tourist attraction, but a beautiful typographic piece of art too.

Produced by Gordon Young and Why Not Associates in 2011, a specialist factory and production team manufactured thousands of these granite letters and the ‘spares’ are now available to buy at Jealous Gallery.



An assortment of sizes, colours, weights, typefaces and characters are available, each with their own character. There were some really lovely details including stars, exclamation marks and whirly decorative pieces. Being in the process of moving in together, Jack & I had our heart set on finding our initials as a little present to ourselves. Luckily for us we found the last J and an N of a similar size 🙂


The plan is to eventually frame them with a little red & in the middle, although I need to find a frame strong enough to hold them both first! These were £15 each, which I think is quite reasonable, and the bigger pieces costing up to £200.

If you’re a type nerd like me you should pop into Jealous Gallery, Shoreditch before 7th June – whether you’re just enjoying getting up close and personal with the letters or looking to buy your own little piece of history!

Have you visited the Comedy Carpet in Blackpool? Or maybe you’ve got your eye on a letter in the shop already? Which would you buy? Let me know 🙂


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