Made In Italy by Fedrigoni @ Studio 2

I feel like I’ve had this in my calendar for ages, but last night it was finally the Private View opening of Fedrigoni’s latest exhibition; Made In Italy. Soofiya, Sara, Sherida (all of the S’s) and I headed to Studio 2 gallery in search of green, white and red:


The exhibition is only open for a short time, so make some space in your calendar this weekend either today (Friday 12th June 10am-5pm) or tomorrow (Saturday 13th June 10am-5pm) if you’re looking to pop in. Get your free tickets here!

Fedrigoni are an Italian paper company, so it’s not surprising that this exhibition is in celebration of Italian graphic design. I don’t really remember ever being taught about any Italian designers at University, always focusing on the German or Swiss, so it’s interesting to see how they compare to the rest of Europe.


Once again, the Protein space (now known as Studio 2?) has been transformed to display posters as well as cabinets containing packaging, leaflets, magazines and books.


IMG_2564 IMG_2565

Sara and Sherida appreciating Heinz Waibl’s colourful overprinted type:

IMG_2566 IMG_2568

I was drawn to Heinz Waibl’s bright rainbow poster, as well as a more minimal poster entitled ‘A lesson in Graphic Design’ which was all in Italian, of course.

Franco Grignani’s monochromatic, geometric posters are really striking…

IMG_2580 IMG_2584

… as is Giancarlo Iliprandi’s rainbow infused typography poster which Sherida and Soof decided to pose in front of. Soof is on water btw, even though that looks like a wine face! 😉

After mooching around looking at Italian design we decided the only way to end the night was of course with pizza. I didn’t get a photo of it because we basically inhaled that Margherita, but it was a perfect end to our evening in little Italy. Thanks for having us Fedrigoni!

Are you going to visit this weekend? Which poster tickles your fancy? Let me know!


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