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I’ve had the new Magma pocket edition sketchbooks* sat on my desk at work for just over a week now, so now that I’ve had a bit of use out of them I thought it was about time I shared them with you guys! You might be familiar with the name Magma (if not where have you been); a shop selling the best books, magazines and other printed design matter. There are currently 3 Magma stores in the UK; 2 in London (Covent Garden and Clerkenwell) and 1 in Manchester. I have spent many hours browsing the shelves in Magma – there’s always something amazing to look at (and buy).


Magma teamed up with publisher Laurence King to produce sketchbooks that have been making Designers drool for a couple of years now. Now they’re releasing mini versions – because the best things come in small packages!? With a range aimed at different types of creatives; architects, fashion designers and animators, these sketchbooks are more than just pages bound together. Magma really understand that for creatives, a sketchbook is a treasured possession – a  glimpse inside their thoughts, the beginning of their ideas and hours of blood, sweat and tears.

I’ll start with the Design & Art Direction Sketchbook; a pastel blue, red and yellow combination. As I expected, the pages are creamy good quality paper with page numbers and alternate between plain and a small grid.



But these sketchbooks aren’t just a stylish place to hold your notes and doodles; on the inside cover I found a mini ruler and 2 pages in is a mini calendar to highlight those important deadlines. At the back I found the designer’s yellow pages – they’re literally yellow and full of great information e.g. typographic anatomy, paper sizes, pagination, binding and folding techniques.

IMG_2602 IMG_2606

I’m not saying that it contains everything you need to know to be a Graphic Designer, but for those blank mind moments this little book will come in handy for sure!

The Art & Illustration sketchbook shows the same level of craft and curation, but with more freedom for those arty types:



Special features include unit conversion charts, information on framing, printmaking and paper sizes, as well as a mixture of cream and grey pages. There’s even a little folder at the back for loose bits of paper which is ideal for me because I’m always writing notes scraps.

IMG_2630 IMG_2636

We all know that I have a bit of a sketchbook addiction, but whilst these sat on my desk yesterday afternoon a few of my colleagues stopped to have a look. Their ooh-ing confirmed that it’s not just me who thinks these are great.

If you already have a Magma sketchbook none of that will be news to you, but what is different is the size; they’re smaller (A5). These pocket edition versions will be available to buy from 20th July 2015 – the perfect excuse to take a trip to Magma (not that you need one)!

Do you have any of the other creative editions in this series? What do you think to these Magma sketchbooks? Will you be adding them to your sketchbook collection?


  • Laurence King kindly sent these Magma Sketchbooks to review, but as always all views are 100% my own and I wouldn’t post about them if I didn’t genuinely love them!*

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